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Business Card Design:

Color Schemes Round 2

Aloha! We took a bit of a liberty here and went with a bit more different approach. My idea was to base the color schemes on more earth tones, bringing in the african continent natural element, these colors are meant to be timeless and sophisticated. I brought back in more of the browns to match the name and tie everything in nicely


Let me know what you think!


Logo Color Concepts:

Aloha! we have new concepts based on the photo of the dress you sent us.  Let us know what you think! My personal favorite is #6. We also changed the wording to BROWNDIVA one word



Logo Round 1 Concept Ideas:

Aloha! sorry for the long wait, we normally just show 3 logo concepts to our customers but we had so many really creative ideas with this concept that it took us in various paths, as in life we don’t know where the life will take us and this was a great example of that.  We worked on various ideas that vary widely to give you a great range of concepts to go off. Below is an explanation of each logo idea and what our idea behind each logo so you can get a glimpse into our process and what we were thinking.  We hope you like!  Mahalo

A more traditional approach to the colors but with a slight twist. We didn’t want to use the primary African Flag colors, but we wanted it to feel inspired by with subtle more modern softer hues.


These two versions are based on your color scheme, we wanted to make the BROWN diva be the focal point and everything else pushed back a bit.

Final Black and White:

in this final black and white version, I cleaned up the pattern quite a bit to make sure everything is nice and neat.


Photography text swap!

Haircut adjusted based on notes!


I forgot to upload this one last night! This was a really fun and personal take on the logos. We based the illustration on your facebook photo! We really love the personal touch on this one and address your concern with the camera element too from your previous notes. Curious to see what you think of this one!


This is a really cool and visually stunning version, we’ve incorporated the tree with icon representing a river through the land which symbolizes the river nile which is the cradle of life in Africa. The atmosphere and sky created with the dot patterns encompasses everything that is nature and beautiful on our world. The font for BROWN DIVA is a really striking and dynamic typeface that is more of an homage to cave paintings and handwritten texts which make this logo rooted in history giving it a sense of timelessness and trust. Gives the viewer a sense that this business has been around for eons.. in a subconscious manner

This version is a pretty fun one, lighter side with keeping in mind the cross cut baobab tree we discussed on the phone.  The typefaces were chosen to almost give the logo a sense of movement as if the letters are dancing in celebration of a new life. We love the motion the letters create between each other.  This logo screams celebration to us.. maybe its just my twisted mind ha. Hope that comes off

This logo was an idea I had that was pretty hard to pull off! I wanted to incorporate the baobab tree with the African continent as its shape. This was a really interesting concept for me to try out as it pushed us to make it happen.  The tree is rooted above the word BROWN on purpose, since we are brown people that are rooted in nature. Really interesting and unique idea you won’t find anywhere else

V4 is a really creative take that we came up with, The continent of Africa is made up of finger prints representing new life and the uniqueness of each individual therefore the uniqueness of this amazing business.  The typography for PHOTOGRAPHY is specifically chosen to represent the vintage typewriter used for birth certificates, its an ode to a historical time period anchoring the logo with history and officialness.  The Brown Diva type is organic, hand written rough and beautiful font that lends itself to the land amongst us.

A similar version to the logo below with a more trendy typeface for photography, we also eliminated the moon phases.  The dots represent the 6 continents with African being at the center equaling the 7th since Africa is the birthplace of life. Really abstract and unique concept that most people will never realize but its a wonderful talking point.

Version 2 is a more conceptual idea, there are a lot of moving parts to this logo which we absolutely love. The phases of the moon reflect the stages in pregnancy until the delivery which is represented by the I as in.. I as a person with the full moon which is the start of the new cycle.  The beautiful woman silhouette with her dreads and wrap that are represented by the African continent ties everything in together beautifully.  The text used in this version is reminiscent of fonts used in vintage African political posters that we researched, its a very organic bold and soft feeling.


This logo is on the more traditional aesthetic incorporating the Baobab tree with the camera lens crosshairs.  This version is on the classical side to show you a variation in styles to choose from. Super clean, iconic, and simple.




Mood Board

This is a mood board that helps us start the brainstorming process, we pull inspiration from various photos, color pallets, imagery etc. Let me know if were on the right path feel wise.

Aloha Valerie this will be our private web page to keep track of progress. We find it’s easier to follow rather then sending a bunch of email attachments so bookmark this site as we will use it for the entire project. I will post revisions and ideas on here so you can view them easily anytime. I will be emailing you a set of initial questions here shortly to get a sense of the vibe we’re going after.

Mahalo for your trust!  Now comes the fun part!

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