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History of Camp Palehua

We were approached to take on the re branding project of Camp Palehua, formerly a historic camp ground by the name of Camp Timberline.  Camp Palehua was designed to reconnect with Hawaiian culture as their mission statement says.

Camp Pālehua aims to create unforgettable experiences in a unique mauka environment for the local community and visitors from around the world. We offer educational programs and activities in an effort to foster the next generation of stewards; events to network and expand collaboration opportunities in our community; and overnight accommodations in order for guests to build personal connections with the land.

It was an honor to have been a part of such an important project.

Design Process

The approach we took for this brand was inspired by the vintage national park logo styles. We wanted to create a logo that felt as if it had existed for decades, something that seemed generational to give the logo that nostalgic family feel. We went through a few variations until we arrived at the logo that just felt right!

This was the first logo concept we came up with.  While we loved the shape of this logo, the mountains were not right and it didn’t have a Hawaii cultural feel to it.  We knew we were going in the right direction though so this was a great starting point.

This logo concept sparked a new idea, the mountains still were not right but we loved the color pallet. The typeface we used in this concept was the spring board to the final type treatment we finished with.

We absolutely loved the shield shape we created. We also loved the colors and type on this logo!  We created an illustration of the mountain range where the camp is located along with a very iconic fish hook anomaly that is seen on the side of this mountain range and ties in with a local folklore.

Almost there! We finalized the color scheme and we were happy with the layout. This round was centered around the tag line and there was a few ideas regarding the wording and placement.

The final! After careful revisions and some great dialogue going back and forth, we arrived at the grand finale that everyone was in love with.  This was such a fun, educational and rewarding project. Very thankful for the opportunity and trust the folks at Camp Palehua put in us.

Branding Examples

We presented this concept for a vehicle wrap that would attract attention and help bring campers up the road to the camp. We also showed concepts for a coffee mug, hat and front/back designs for a t-shirt.

Brand Guidelines

Our logo packages include a detailed brand guideline brochure that will help you stay consistent while using your new logo and color pallets.  The key to a great brand is consistency and proper execution. We make that process simple and clear to follow.

A great logo design needs to be adaptable to any scenario. We include alternative marks which you can use in different applications while staying true to the branding guidelines.

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