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Color Version Round1

Color versions are based on WH, Nanakuli and the last color version is based on the colors of the waianae coast. WH color is not a direct color sample of their logo but a bit elevated with the blues slightly more sophisticated and unique as well as the red being more of a crimson red rather then a fire hydrant red.

Waianae coast colorway is meant to represent the valley, the light blue represents the reef (shallows) and the deeper blues represent the ocean and deeper ocean colorways, its a journey from Mauka to Makai

Our first concept is centered around an abstract illustration of the Waianae Valley and ocean. We tried to incorporate an abstract C and G into a few of these designs. We wanted to stay somewhat true to your current branding as to not disrupt what you have created so far, we thought including a serif font for the hawaii state senate was a classy and timeless touch furthering the connection between the two generations we discussed. The ideas behind our logo choices were unifying the Waianae Coasts, which we represented with the circle approach. We noticed the even present circle shapes in your name with the C’s and G’s and figured those were great reference points for the direction of the graphic. The triple entendre; the two circular shapes at the top of the graphic represent an obscure rainbow which we are all so familiar with. The shape of the wave ends in a very strategic place on top of the i tying in the entire shape. There is a beautiful balance between left and right which we incorporated strategically as well, as the Waianae coast starts either from Makaha to Nanakuli or Nanakuli to Makaha furthering the statement of unification. Either way you start you’re on the west side!

This logo follows a lot of the same concepts as the first one with a twist in typefaces, bridging the gate between the younger clean modern font and the more traditional font for the last name balanced with the modern font for state senate at the bottom which serves as a story telling point of bringing the fresh ideas to the senate. The graphic takes on a more traditional almost petroglyph style to the illustration. There is the C and G aspect involved in this letterform as the bottom of the G creates a crashing wave barrel into the beach of the valley behind it. This circular shape has a lot of movement and symbolism, it sets you up as a pillar of the coast, a staple and steward of the west side, almost giving you a sense of timeless existence. This is a very intriguing logo as it balances the classic with the fresh in a very unique manner that we have not seen in any political campaign

Concept 3 is a more traditional approach to the design but still sticking to our design process of incorporating a very distinct story. This logo shows the valley range with the ocean waves flowing from left to right with the exception of the small current on the left side which seems to almost flow in the opposite way; which is a deliberate move on our part that represents bringing new ideas to the establishment that always seems to go the same way… a fresh approach to the old standards, going against the current of what’s been done. As always we incorporate deeper meaning into each logo, the 3 waves are an abstract representation of the flag, stars and stripes if you will, if you notice the mountain range goes from small to large peaks left to right, representing your journey in politics (constantly ascending and reaching new heights for the community)

Logo 4 i took out last minute, so we move onto our last concept which is a more sleek version of the previous versions. It is a more condensed version of the first idea with the graphic creating a flag shape. We liked the simplistic approach to this logo and found it to be strong in its simplicity and boldness. It is a very iconic and visually impactful logo that stands out from far away, a very marketable and relatable design that is straightforward and direct

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