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Color Round3:

New revisions on the purple variations!


Color Round2:

Aloha!! We have two new colorways based on your recommendation. We wanted to brighten things up, we were inspired by african prints that used a lot of purple, golds and turquoise which we thought was perfect.  Look forward to your thoughts!

Color Round:

Aloha! We have a few color options for you to review.  We wanted to present a few colorways in the purple scheme we spoke about and also present a couple ideas that we felt were appropriate as well. With 5 and 6 we wanted to soften up the colorways a bit, The concept is based on nature colors, earth tones that are a bit softer and subtle.  Mahalo!

Round 2 revisit:

Ok we switched back to plumerias and worked on her breasts as well as redrawing her face a bit. Let me know what you think! Below is also a side by side so you can see the differences.

Aloha! Selena, we tried to incorporate the cowrie shells but to be honest it just didn’t work. They were too small to really look like anything specific and we’re worried with the amount of detail already in the logo it was just seeming to be too busy, and when replicating the logo we might lose those small images. We did swap the plumeria flowers with tulips which symbolize “deep love” and rebirth as an experiment.  We also went back to the name without LLC which looks so much cleaner. I wanted to also show you that when we designed this logo we had the notion of sacred geometry in mind, see attached overlay to view how every element has a purpose in space. Let me know what you think!


Round2 Edits:

Aloha!  We have revisions based on your notes. We redrew the woman with inspiration from Gaia but did not want to copy her exactly. We did our own version with a bit different pose as well and dreadlocks We also redrew the flooring to represent the Tatami mat pattern.  Included are two versions of the LLC. To be honest we don’t normally add LLC’s or INC’s to logos since they’re not technically needed but we wanted to show you a couple ideas.  Let me know what you think!


Round 1 Logo Concepts:

Aloha! We have logos for you to review. We normally limit our presentation to 3 but had a lot of fun with this one so we kept going! I’ll break down our vision for each below.


1: This logo concept is based on a linear contour drawing, the idea for the woman is that we use one continuous line to draw her figure representing our linear life from birth to death. We wanted to give her a power pose to symbolize the strength of women.  The stylized rising sun in the background represents a new day, tying in to the new beginnings meaning of the name. The sun was inspired by African art patterns. We wanted to use  bold, strong hand drawn typography to give the logo an organic and warm feel to it.


2.  This version of #1 uses a pattern that is more of a combination of Polynesian and African pattern work, interweaving both cultures.  It uses finer lines giving it a more delicate feel

3.  This unique approach uses negative space to create the outline of the A in Hale. The woman is standing strong as she looks up to receive that morning sun shine!  The circle dots on the bottom of the text represent a subtle wave connecting our island culture to the logo. She is looking upward while holding her soon to be born child which represents looking forward to a new life and new beginnings!

4.  This variation uses a more simplistic sun drawing with the addition of the polynesian influenced wave pattern tying in the sun, and ocean theme with the text and woman symbolizing our island. The interconnections of nature and man were our inspiration.

5.  This concept goes in a complete different direction. Our inspiration behind this was to focus on the circle of life, positioning the detailed illustration of the mother in the center. We wanted to include both polynesian and african inspired patterns in this as well. The concentric circles pay an homage to looking within for strength and being connected to everything else around us. The flooring represents one’s home and the plumerias symbolize life and nature.

6.  This version strips away a lot of the symbolism and focuses on the linear path discussed earlier. This type is connected throughout and represents one’s life span. Very clean, simplistic and elegant approach

7. The final version, we loved the type on. The typography flows nicely and is bold and unique

We hope we were able to capture the mood and feel you’re going after. We can make adjustments if you feel any are needed.  Let us know your thoughts and look forward to hearing what you think!




Aloha Selena,co

This is our private web page used to keep track of the projects progress.  Bookmark this page as we will reference it often. Your password is Kealaula  


Mood Board:

Below is a mood board with imagery that we use to inspire us, textures, colors and overall feels. We always turn to nature to find really creative color pallets, you mentioned you loved the purple scheme, we looked up the beautiful purple Hawaiian Lilikoi flower. The purples in that flower are gorgeous and we can pull some ideas from there. We also looked up some really beautiful tapa patterns and prints which we can incorporate into the design to give us that vintage Hawaiian iconic culture feel that we’re after. We researched some original Hale’s and petroglyphs as inspiration Let me know what you think!


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