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Hawaiian Pastele Company

We had the pleasure of working with Hawaii Pastele Company. Our team developed the logo for this a family run, Honolulu based Puerto Rican restaurant. Their original name was The Pastele Shop and first opened in 1981. Their dream is to provide delicious Latin food for Hawaii.

Design Process

This logo colorway is based on the traditional Puerto Rican colors but we wanted to sophisticate them a bit so they’re not so bold.  It is a bit more subdued.

This first logo concept relies solely on the simplicity and beauty of a clean presentation. This logo is meant to represent an authentic almost official government document to bring home the notion that this brand is the real deal.

This version is inspired by vintage Puerto Rican stamps we discovered through our research. I really love the old stamps Puerto Rico produce in the early 50’s-60s’, so I wanted to bring a little of that into this logo with the stamp feel. We always love to incorporate little hidden meanings into our logos that only our clients would know about.

This next concept, we wanted to pay homage to the Puerto Rican heritage as well as the Hawaiian culture.  We studied our client’s original label and noticed they had these really interesting triangles that we wanted to incorporate into their new updated design as a small subtle reference to the history of the brand.

The two small stars next to the AUTHENTIC PUERTO RICAN text come directly from the Puerto Rican flag to pay respect to the culture. The small hash marks come from the traditional Taino art culture. According to our research, The Taíno are an indigenous people of the Caribbean. At the time of European contact in the late fifteenth century, they were the principal inhabitants of most of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and the northern Lesser Antilles.

For our final design, we decided on a colorway that would reflect the culture of Puerto Rican cuisine! We absolutely loved this final color scheme and so did our client at Hawaiian Pastele Company!

Branding Examples

We presented a few concepts to Hawaiian Pastele Company: a front/back design of a t-shirt, as well as a hat and tote bag design.

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