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Aloha! We have some really unique colorways for you to review.  We always draw our color inspirations from nature.

#2 is inspired by the different hues of the waterfall, stream into the ocean.  These are really beautiful water based colors which we love

#3 is inspired by the greenery found in Waipio Valley, we always love the beautiful trees, foliage and plants that surround this sacred valley.

#4 takes the viewer on a journey, we start up top with the tree tops, valley and make our way down to the ocean which is a representation of the Ahupuaʻa system


Let me know what you think! mahalo

Logo Concepts:

Aloha Kiki, we have some really creative concepts for you to review.  I will explain our ideology for each below:


All the logos we present today are very marketable and adaptable to any type of merch, clothing, hats, flyers etc.  We always present in black and white first and whatever logo you choose, we will do a color version as well as alternative versions of that logo.


Logo #1  this is a really iconic approach that is bold and stands out.  We wanted to create a very cool and unique monogram design for you as well as incorporate subtle hints to the Hi’ilawe waterfall. The two legs of the H in the monogram represent the waterfall with the water flowing down to the ocean which is represented by the 3 waves at the bottom of the logo. We incorporated the two screw icons, phillips and flathead in the logo to tie in the construction aspect


Logo #2:   This logo is inspired by late 70’s Hawaiian apartment and building logos. The 70s saw a huge boom in construction and transformation into the modern Hawaii we all see now, a lot of iconic buildings rose in the 70s so we wanted to tap into that a bit to give the brand a bit of a historical vibe to it.  This logo has a custom font that we created based on our sketches, there is a few hidden ideas behind this concept.  The H is meant to symbolize two abstract hands holding up the diamond shape which is a representation of a hale. It’s a subtle meaning not many people will understand but its a great conversational starter as the company owner,  on top of that we created the two I’s in a manner to represent the waterfalls as well, the first “i” is also meant to represent a person, with the dot being the head and the I being the body who points back to the H the other “I” makes the viewer flow into wave shape that the A W and E form. This logo represents everything that is Hawaii in one simple but creative and intricate type form.  There is a lot that goes into this concept!


Logo #3:  This illustrative logo is a really cool and creative approach to the brand, we illustrated the Waipio Valley landscape which brings a really beautiful cultural emotion to the logo. The Hi’ilawe font represents flow and movement, it symbolizes the movement of the wai and abstractly looks like waves yet has a real strong and bold presentation.


Logo #4:  The last logo we have to present is a really classic timeless representation of the Hi’ilawe waterfall. We wanted this logo to feel like it has been around for a long time, making the brand seem established and iconic.  This logo has the identity of something traditional.  We noticed while doing research that the Hi’ilawe waterfall naturally has an H shape with the valley encompassing it.  It felt right to illustrate something that represented that shape.  The font in the logo also reinforces that shape with the negative space in between the two “I’s”



Thank you for your patience and please take a couple days to dissect everything.  There is a lot to process, we always suggest clients print these out individually and put them on the wall in your office, in a couple of days you’ll automatically gravitate towards one logo that you keep going back to and that is when you know it’s the one!


Mahalo for your trust, we hope you love these as much as we do!


Mood Board

initial brain storm of imagery, color schemes and textures to get our creative energy flowing


We began working on our initial research today to figure out what the competition has in order to avoid doing something that exists already. With all our logos we like to incorporate something meaningful and unique to the brand.  We weed out things we don’t want to include which helps us narrow our focus

Aloha Kiki

Thank you for choosing us for your project.  This is our private web page where we will keep track of all progress and revisions.  We will begin the research, mood boards and initial sketches this week.  I will email you with an update as soon as we have a direction to present to you.



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