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Hip Hop Juice Box

The Hip Hop Juice Box is a new and very creative business launching in Emeryville California. The concept is a hip hop based juice bar that is more of a lounge then a grab and go.  The idea stemmed from having a place to hang out and play records, listen to hip hop, view artwork and enjoy healthy juice and coffee options.

Design Process

The golden era of hip hop was the 80’s. During our initial meeting we discussed having a logo that would resonate with that era.  An iconic logo that would scream hip hop without being cheesy and cliche. We were inspired by the RUN DMC logo and wanted to do our spin.  The red, white and black color scheme is a classic pallet that will never go out of style.

First attempt at this logo was an idea the client wanted to explore. It was a rift on the death row records logo.  We realized a simple, cleaner approach would be the way to go.

Run DMC logo is an iconic hip hop logo that we wanted to spin off. We really loved this version but we also wanted a really unique logo to be the main face of Hip Hop Juice Box. We decided to keep this as an alternative mark which can be used throughout the branding process.

The final came relatively quick on this project! Sometimes you land on an idea that is just a winner right away! We saw this version and everyone fell in love with it immediately!  We knew this was going to be logo!

Branding Examples

Through product mockups we give our customers the ability to see their brand in a real world scenario, we want to show clients how to use their new logos properly and the wonderful versatility a great logo can create. A sandwich board display is a great way to advertise that you are open or any specials you might have for the day.  Foot traffic is key to a successful restaurant. These products are offered through our promotional products website .

Brand Guidelines

Our logo packages include a detailed brand guideline brochure that will help you stay consistent while using your new logo and color pallets.  The key to a great brand is consistency and proper execution. We make that process simple and clear to follow.

A great logo design needs to be adaptable to any scenario. We include alternative marks which you can use in different applications while staying true to the branding guidelines.

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