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We are embarking on a new design journey! This tshirt we wanted to give it a feeling of authenticity, professionalism and stunning visual appeal. We wanted this shirt to feel like it was sold in an official museum or national park shop.

Front: The typography is inspired by the logo for our other client that you loved so much, we provided a type that had that similar feel with it being unique to you of course. The typography is classic, timeless with a bit of an ancient feel to it with the distressed look. We gave the bottom a really graphic and bold swooosh to symbolize paint on a wall.. giving it that ancient native sentiment to it. It also ties in with the swoosh of the Huna Logo

Back: The back is a stunning depiction of our planet. The idea is centered around mother earth. The outer thin gold ring represents the crust, the land we live on with the Hawaiian motif representing the world beneath our feet, in the case of Huna, it represents the Mana and lava that flows beneath us on the big island. The soul of humanity is represented in the concentric circles that move in as we continue with the story. The teachings are written out in the next circle in Hawaiian followed by their english translations which furthers brings us into the core, HUNA. We used the color pallate from the style guideline provided

We hope you love the idea mahalo!!

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