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Color V2: Frosted Blue Wind


Aloha! We have a color version to review, we took inspiration from the website, as well as the existing logo to not stray too far from what has been created before yet still elevating the color pallet and tying it into the entire brand refresh

Revision 2:

Aloha! We have two new concepts based on the feedback:

#7 is based on the notes regarding adding the circle and spacing out the text so its even and same size. We like the nice flow of this design

#8 is a new approach with san serif font that still has a nice organic feel without feeling too sterile, we added a bold rectangle behind the ipu to mimic the san serif structure with the wind breaking out of the box in a symbolic way. We love the boldness and strength of this logo

Aloha! Thank you for your patience as we worked on a variety of logos for you! We focused mainly on the illustration of the ipu with the wind trying to create a really iconic and stunning illustration that depicts the story correctly. We have worked hard on finding pairings with the typography that wont only relate to Moae logo but also to stand on its own beautifully.

Aloha! Welcome to a new project! We are excited to start on this one.

Ka Ipu Makani was incorporated in 2015, with a mission to foster an awareness of cultural and natural  resource management and heritage preservation in Hawai’i, by encouraging community stewardship, practice, preservation, and restoration of cultural and historical sites, landscapes, and materials while promoting cultural and natural richness, diversity, arts, languages, sciences, history, and traditions of Molokai.


Though deeply rooted in tradition, we also promote the integration of contemporary sciences and technology to advance our island in a way the community sees fit. We depend on aloha, relationships, and partnerships to provide meaningful opportunities and experiences. Our vision has always been kūpuna driven and inspired, and we strive to uphold that covenant.    Ola nā iwi, i nā iwi ola. The bones live, because of the bones that live. The traditions of our ancestors continue because of us.

Original Logo:

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