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Round 2:

Aloha, thank you for your patience, we have new ideas!


Aloha! We have a new direction. This idea is based on the beautiful pattern sketches provided. We wanted to keep the crescent moon shape which cuts into the U shape just enough to show the negative space of the full moon, the crescent also serves as the dot in the i. We incorporated two of the patterns from the sketches to really bring the whole graphic together in a beautifully cohesive manner. The I has the pattern of the kukui leaf which we thought was a nice homage, as it’s the “pillar” of the word. The pattern that represents community/village we thought was fitting to design it to embrace the word FOUNDATION as the foundation will be successful only if the community is involved in it… and the foundation serves the community which is a nice double meaning to tie in.


a new idea as well, I love how the typeface interacts with the circular shape in the graphic, everything seems to flow perfectly and harmoniously, every element plays off each other beautifully tying the entire logo together. The graphic is off center on purpose.. the graphic is shifted off center towards the right (east) this is a symbolic movement in the logo, from west to east which is a direct correlation between hawaii and portland and the migration towards the east.

Pattern Added:

Round 2

Aloha! Thank you for your patience, we have a new take on the logo that we think really fits the aesthetic, story and overall meaning.

We thought more abstractly about the idea of light, flame and journey. We wanted to steer away from the literal flame concept we initially presented and tell a deeper story.. A story that resonates on a more spiritual level. We wanted to tell the story of the matriarch figure Aunty Deva as the originator of the foundation which she is represented by the first branch off the tree and the biggest figure, her offspring which include the three grandkids that are derived by the father and mother which are leading them into the future. That is why the parent figures (larger kukui) are in the forefront as they are the stewards of bringing the next generation along this journey. We wanted to have intertwined branches to represent Alyssa’s bloodline intertwined with Kaloku’s path in life as both are on this adventure of life together. The encompassing moon shape is meant to represent an almost cradling, nurturing (arms hugging) feeling over the family as she sheds light upon them to let them know they are on the right path forward.

Concepts Round 1

#1 This logo is our favorite. We hand drew this typeface that reflected a unique bold and cultural feel to the text. The typeface was inspired by vintage newspapers which were used to increase literacy in Hawaii.

“ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi publications of the 19th and early 20th century formed a space of cultural and political discourse. Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) and haole (foreigners) alike engaged with each other through publishing moʻolelo (histories and stories), documenting loina (traditions and practices), recording moʻokūʻauhau (genealogies), sharing personal manaʻo (thoughts and opinions), and of course, printing the daily nūhou (current events). Through these publications, we as Kānaka Maoli remain connected to, enlightened by, and continually engage with the past and those who painstakingly left this ʻike for us.   “

We wanted to pay homage to that heritage and create a letterform that resembled that emotion

The graphic represents the kukui nut lit in a very nice abstract illustration. The bottom part of the graphic is a representation of the kukui leaf. If you notice, we split the graphic into two sections of 3 (3 flames, and 3 pedals on the leaf to symbolize the 6 family members)

The kukui nut is centered in the graphic to represent life in an almost embryotic manner

#2 This beautiful logo offers a great balance. We drew the typeface by hand again to give it a really unique organic flow. The letters were inspired by the shape of the kukui leaf. The kukui nut is cradled in the text and it is almost being held up in reverence by the text. We paid homage to the number 6 again with the 3 leafs and 3 veins inside the leafs. The kukui nut as a double meaning is designed to be an abstract representation of the sun rising above the horizon and the mountain ranges (leaf pedals). The small dot above the I is a direct illustration of a kukui flower pedal to add another small twist to it

#3 is a variation of #1 with a slight twist in the text and placement. The small flames on the text represent the fire created by the kukui lighting. We really like the placement of the graphic and interaction with the text on this style

Our final concept is a more straightforward approach with the kukui nut lit inside the kukui leaf. We love the simplicity and cleanliness of this logo


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