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Aloha, our initial concept for the Keychain Collective Shop Truck, We wanted to give the truck a sense of motion while standing still. The erosion of the paint from white to black represents the erosion that our lasers take on the material being etched. We wanted to stay true to the logo but also add a little clarity to those consumers who might not be familiar with the KC logo since it is a bit abstract. KC collective logo on the hood reversed in black on white stands out strongly. We would love the opportunity to develop a full branding project for KC to take the brand to that next level! The white to black color scheme is classic and timeless, it will never go out of style as it retains the basic contrast concept in design.  We added the abstract version of the KC logo on the truck bed in a beautiful gradient which stands out just enough. Tied in with the trailer we discussed earlier this truck wrap would surely make a statement anywhere its parked!


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