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revised colorway:


New edits to V6 concept:

  • lines in wings redrawn
  • small border added around texture block


Thank you first and foremost for your patience.  We love to dive into each project and we immerse ourselves into each industry we design for.  The research of what has been done and what hasn’t been done before excites us and challenges us to create something unique for each of our clients.  We truly enjoy learning as much as we can about each of our clients and we hope our concepts convey that.  Usually we only present about 3-4 concepts but in this case we were inspired to try different ideas and we had such a fun time creating and exploring that we have a few more for you to review.  Descriptions for each concept are detailed below. We always recommend you take your time absorbing each one, a tip we give our clients is to print each version and tape them up on a wall you usually walk by daily.. you’ll soon start to focus on one idea that captures you every time you walk by it!


We hope you enjoy!


Our first concept is a lino cut print of the Manu-o-kū in flight over the island propelled by the winds and clouds.  We loved getting our hands dirty and tapping into traditional printing techniques to make this design possible. The typography is matched with the same hand esthetic approach, we love all the imperfections this logo brings to the table.


An entirely different approach for version 2.  This concept was inspired by your images for the wall mural being painted.  We wanted to represent a motherly figure shaped by clouds that loosely symbolizes mother nature watching over us. We wanted to remain culturally sensitive with this design so we stayed away from any specific references to Hawaiian Goddesses. She is blowing winds to the right which symbolize the future success of this company moving forward in time.  This logo has a very strong presence and the circle shape of it gives it a feeling of having been around for a long time.


same concept from the previous version with a different type treatment and placement that flows beautifully. The balance of this logo appeals to us and feels very comforting, there is a peacefulness and  strong energy to this design


This version of the  Manu-o-kū woodblock carving focuses on the flight of the bird, with the cloud background with a Polynesian inspired motif as the frame.

The typeface for the brand lends itself to a hand carved style reinforcing the hand carved feel to the icon with the Printers type in a clean yet not perfect typeface. We loved the little imperfections in the serifs that are very accurate in hand printing materials. Small subtle details that most people will never notice but we do..



This version of the  Manu-o-kū woodblock carving focuses on the flight of the bird, with the cloud background. The two typefaces pay homage to vintage and hand style iconography and the Printers text is in a beautiful timeless serif which represents the high end printing capabilities of the company. It’s a great balance between vintage and modern

Ki‘Kau Printers – Logo Moodboard

We are beginning our research process which is exciting and educational for us.  We are doing our homework on your industry, story and your brand.  We’ve begun the collection part of the process, where we look into textures, colors, feels and vibes that will eventually guide us into a great direction.  Most of this process is behind the scenes so rest assured were busy learning as much as we can on our end before we put pen to paper!

Industry Comps

We always start our research process by educating ourselves on what is out there right now in your respective industry. We want to get a feel for what other printing companies look like and how we can distinguish ourselves from the rest of the crowd.

Aloha! We will be using this private web page to keep track of the progress made on your logo. All drafts and revisions throughout the process will be posted here. We are looking forward to working with you on this project!

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