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Meyraki Dolls

Meyraki Dolls is a luxury purse brand located on Oahu. This brand was inspired by  the Greek word “Meraki,” meaning to do something with soul, creativity, or love. The icon was inspired by Greek culture and showcases a lotus flower inside the  Delta symbol. The typeface is custom lettering based off of lettering found on traditional ancient Greek marble statues found in Greece.

Design Process

As we were discussing our client’s story, we kept coming back to the notion of rebirth, a fresh start and new beginnings. Those keywords were important in describing her journey in our eyes. In Greek, the Delta is seen as a symbol for a doorway. The thought was that the combination of polarities would provide a new opening, balancing thought and emotion would provide a doorway to higher wisdom. It was the doorway into a new mental state.

The Delta could also be seen as an arrow,  which are often iconic symbols for direction and movement forward. Overall, the Greek Delta symbolizes positive change. Which I found was very fitting for this brand, we are moving forward and putting the past negative experiences behind us.

The triangle is also a very important symbol representing the trinity of mind body and spirit, we’ve incorporated various triangles in the text and in the imagery. The Meyraki font is custom made to portray this idea. The icon in the center is a graphic representation of a lotus flower, the lotus flower symbolizes rebirth, in this case the rebirth of the brand literally and spiritually encompassed with the triangle in a beautiful sacred symmetrical manner.

The font itself was custom made and was inspired by a photo that one of our team members took on her trip to Greece, it was taken on the island of Rhodes at the Palace of the Grand Masters. We used that as inspiration for the type treatments which further emphasize the connection with the Greek saying of Meraki.

Branding Examples

Pattern Design

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