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Logo Round 1

We wanted to showcase the two phases of the moon, full and crescent symbolizing the entire year meaning Nocture is a year round vibe. The serif typeface eludes to established, long lasting feeling beautifully juxtaposed with the modern clean typeface of HAUS

This logo is inspired by the luxury iconic brands. We wanted to pay homage to the famous brands with our own twist, the OC monogram incorporated within the logo is a clever touch that simplifies the previous logos concept of the full and crescent moon in a more abstract manner. We can imagine this logo being on luxurious items such as handbags, leather goods etc.  The enlarged N and E come from your notes regarding the enlarged letters of the New York logo



A really clean sophisticated and elegant approach. We love the roundness of this logo, every letter has a rounded appearance to it symbolizing the circle of life, our cyclical existence. This logo has a really soft and embracing feel to it. We always love to incorporate small hidden messages in our logos that nobody might pick up on.. The two N’s have a really strong foundation to them that we love which echo’s the Haus reference in a very subtle way. The N’s also form an abstract house form.

This logo is super clean, super sleek and delicate. The NH monogram in the full moon stands out as an icon by itself. We love the roof shape in the A, subtle hint.. This logo just looks expensive and limited.


Below are product mock ups for reference




Aloha my friend, this is the web page we will be using to keep track of our project.

Below are the reference brain storm ideas you provided



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