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lighter sand

two new colorways


new orange colorway exploration

Colorway Option:

Colorway Options:




Aloha! We have tweaked the colorways to more closely match the original logo:

Aloha! We have a variety of color ideas for the logo, we wanted to take inspiration from the environment itself, we also have in mind doing the alternate version with the original color scheme PBR has currently


updated cyclist, family moved to beach, moved beach out towards right a bit and fixed fishing pole

Revision 5 and 6:

Revision 4:

Pacifica text reduced so it’s not focused on the pacifica name

Revision 3:

Added family on the pier, fishing pole and words CITY OF as well as & between beaches and recreation

Revision 2″

Aloha, we incorporated the highway 1 sign shape as well as added a cool female surfer to show some diversity in the characters, we didn’t want to draw waves into the ocean because it looked a bit too busy and took away from the serenity and calmness of the logo. We felt the surfer staring out into the ocean gave a great nostalgic feel to the piece. Let me know what you think!

Aloha! Thank you for your trust on this project and thank you for your patience. We’ve compiled 3 concepts we feel very strong about to present according to our research, brainstorms and meetings.

We hope you enjoy!

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