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edits to front image to be more pronounced:

layout for the back, can you confirm the map is still accurate or did some of the locations change, we left space for barcode information and postage stamps.  Let me know what you think!


Second Round:

new approach that is a more traditional take on the flyer which ties in to previous years.  We wanted to still keep something that gave an homage to the volcano shape which is what we used for the collage.

Let me know what you think!

We have a new concept! Our idea was based on the eruption of the volcano, erupting the 36th annual as a rebirth! Coming out of the dark times of covid, the 36th annual explodes into the world as new life! We wanted to give it a really dramatic and powerful vibe. We also thought this would be a great poster!





Alternate Font:


Welcome to our personal webpage where will we keep track of progress, drafts and revisions. Please bookmark this page as we will refer to it throughout the life of this project.  Below is an explanation of our initial concepts!

We have three concepts for you to review. We wanted to present you with a few color options and a couple of different design options as well.  Keep in mind these are just concept drafts and haven’t been ironed out yet. Once we decide on a direction we can continue with filling everything in and designing the inside pages.

Version 1:

This version focuses on the earth tones derived from the photo, greens and oranges to bring in the element of nature and the lushness of Hilo. The typographical treatment is modern and hip, we wanted this version to be fun and cool to balance out the nature theme.


Version 2:

This version pays homage to a more classic, vintage type of typography which we really love and feel like its one of our calling cards. The navy blue color scheme is an ode to the ocean, sky and life giving water on our beautiful island with the mix of the foliage background.

Version 3:

This concept is our  personal favorite, we love the color scheme. The colors really pop and stand out, they’re inspired obviously by the volcano and lava.


We hope you like the directions we’ve explored. Would love to hear your input and which version you liked best so we can move towards designing the rest with all the correct info and details.  Mahalo!

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