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WHG Color Explorations


This color exploration is based around the brown color of the stones along with a beautiful blue-green hue that represents the deep blue ocean along with the beautiful crystal clear shore water which ties in our connection to land and sea.  Also the color blue is very important in the medical field as it represents trustworthiness, cleanliness and credibility.

this version is a more earth tone driven approach.  We wanted to honor the location of Wahiawa being more centrally located on the island but still paying homage to our island culture. The rust color is accentuated a bit more in this version to symbolize the red dirt of the area.

Similar approach with a more traditional blue color scheme and gorgeous red dirt hue.




WHG Logo New Concepts:

This Version is special to us, there is a lot of deep spiritual meaning behind this logo design.  Wahiawa is also known for being the location of the birthing stones, a very sacred and important spot on this island. The birthing stones have a special form of mana or spiritual power, we wanted to represent these two stones with a beautiful minimalistic illustration.  My wife and I are expecting our first child and these stones are a place we are looking forward to visit, my wife being native Hawaiian, a visit to these stones is very important to us. We love the versatility this logo has to offer as well.


Version 2 is centered around the Triangle. The main concept behind this logo is the triangle shape which is essential in geometry. The pyramids have survived eons based on the triangular shape, it signifies a strong foundation which is a metaphor for this iconic hospital.  During our research we discovered Wahiawa is located in between two extinct volcanos which we wanted to represent with the geometric leaves of the pineapple.  The pineapple itself is drawn in a geometric manner with triangles with a center focal point. The W and A also symbolize the two volcanos on each side with the symbol for Wahiawa in the center. The entire logo forms one big triangle, this was a very thought out deliberate design with a lot of minute details.

V1, new concept is based on the research we did on Wahiawa. Wahiawa is known for its pineapple fields, as well as for being the piko of the island. We wanted to showcase these two significant facts with a really interesting abstract representation of a pineapple.  The top of the pineapple is an abstract W that ties in the historical concept. Wahiawa is also known as the piko or center of the island.  We always like to incorporate subtle clever hidden messages into all our logos, if you look closely the pineapple texture forms an X in the center which emphasizes this point. It’s a beautiful homage to both aspects of Wahiawa. The shield also serves as a directional point above the “I” which is the center of Wahiawa.  For the font treatment we wanted to use a classic but bold serif font for Wahiawa to show the trustworthiness and timelessness of the hospital and we balanced that with a san serif font for General Hospital to bring the logo into the modern era. Its a nice balance between the past and future.



Logo Update Round 1

Aloha Todd, below are three options of taking the existing logo but modernizing it just a tad.  We wanted to remain true to the concept of the logo but add a few tweaks here and there. Below are explanations of each version.


Version 1:  We took the original logo and fine tuned it a little bit. We cut down the 4 circles down to 3 to make it more visually clear. We wanted to try to maintain the look and feel of the original but bringing it to the modern era.  We updated the font to a typeface we feel compliments the mountain shape, this is a modern yet very classic and timeless typeface.  The typeface lends itself perfectly for mobile, tablet and computer screens, as remaining perfect for any print material.  We also redrew the hands to be more symmetrical and cleaner. The Lighter blue color for the typeface is meant to symbolize a softer, friendlier approach.


Version 2: Second version is based a bit more on our research of Wahiawa. We learned through our research and discovery that Wahiawa is known for being in the middle of two volcanos which we wanted to subtly represent with this graphic. We love the dark navy blue color of the font color, which makes the logo more sophisticated and gives the notion of trust.


Version 3: Similar approach from version 2 but with a different approach to the hand drawings. We feel the way the back of the hands touching is a bit peculiar on the original logo so we wanted to see a different perspective.


Original Logo:

Aloha Todd, this is the web page we will be using for your logo project. We will upload inspirations, mood boards and logo concepts here so you can keep track of all the revisions and notes. We’re excited to begin this design process with you.



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