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We wanted to focus our design on the different moods of the day, we are always inspired by nature and being that this logo is mainly nature based we thought it would be appropriate.

#1 and #2 are inspired by a beautiful sunset along Makaha beach with the various hues of purple, pink and blue shining off the water and reflecting on the valley, this colorway evokes the thought of the anticipation of a new day and what will come tomorrow.  The joy of a full day of accomplishments and success are representations on this colorway; we survived, we succeeded and now its time to look towards the future and do it all again in the morning.  These colorways bring a sense of joy, gratitude,  and accomplishment to the viewer!


#3 is a representation of early morning sunrise on the west side! The sun is gleaming on off the overnight dew on the grass, the birds are chirping and the soul is ready to tackle the day and any new opportunity that comes with it! This colorway brings a lot of energy and excitement, a go getter type of mentality!


#4 Is the beauty of the valley, the calmness and steadfast of the day when we are the most focused on work.  The soothing trade winds rustling the leaves and the stillness of the afternoon sun shining on the west side




WEDC logo concepts Round 1:

Aloha, below are 5 concepts for logos we created.  We always begin the logo process in black and white, any great logo must work in black and white before we move into color treatments.  We wanted these logos to be able to lend themselves to merchandise for marketing purposes.  Every one of these logos also has alternative versions that can fit any situation, they can all be presented in really clever variations.  Hope you enjoy! mahalo for the opportunity

This final concept takes on a more traditional approach with a very appealing logo shape that focuses on the albatross flying in a western direction.  This is a very clean, elegant approach

This really cool and graphic logo showcases the iconic albatross bird soaring over a sunset which symbolizes the west side.  This logo concept has a very strong presence, it has a certain weight to it that gives it importance and significance.

This concept has a few really important ideas behind it. First we wanted to focus on the Ahupuaʻa system, This abstract illustration showcases the structure of the Ahupuaʻa from the peaks of the mountains down to the ocean where the WEDC text is based in.  It takes the viewer on a journey, the mountains also are an abstract symbol for a profit graph, We wanted to incorporate some aspects of economy into this logo.  The logo also has a really nice feeling of depth and layers to it.

This concept is a really cool and modern approach.  We wanted to focus on making this logo iconic and marketable for any type of merchandizing, The idea behind this concept was based on a vintage woodblock print with a hip spin on it. We can envision this logo on tshirts, posters, hats etc.

The first concept we present showcases the Wai’anae mountain range.  With all our logos we like to incorporate subtle hidden references; we illustrated a W into the mountain range as well as including a setting sun silhouette.  The sun sets on the west side which is a nice homage to our area.  The Wai, is incorporated in the bottom of the logo which gives it great movement and continues to represent the west side.  This logo in the shield shape is perfectly suited for any merch and promotional materials.

Aloha, welcome to our private web page.  We will use this page to keep track of the WEDC logo project. It’s a convenient way to stay up to date with revisions, ideas and concepts.

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