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300×250 Version 


V2 – 

We sped up the animation and cleaned up some items with the water. Also made the call to action appear faster

Let me know what you think! 65 fps is the faster of the two. 69fps is a tad bit slower.

69 FPS


Aloha Kai

This is our personal web page for the web banner project. We will keep track of any edits/revisions on this web page.

Below is the first animated web banner for you to review.

The concept: 

We wanted to show the ominous dark clouds and surf that come along with an upcoming hurricane on our islands, the following scene shows the palm leaves embracing the storm and revealing the beautiful sun soaked beach we all love. The palm leaves represent the protection Zephyr Insurance offers it’s customers.  The protection of the leaves leads into the sand colored background showcasing the logo and tagline with the call to action button.  We wanted to take the viewer on a mini emotional roller coaster to drive the point that hurricane insurance is a necessity where we live.

We hope you love our interpretation and look forward to hearing your input


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