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Final Logo (color) Round1

When it comes to colors, I always love to get inspiration from nature, especially birds and the ocean. Mother nature comes up with the perfect color combos every time. We went through a bunch of color options (which we can show) and kept coming back to this version over and over… We loved the simplicity of the color pallet, the highlight inner line in the outside shape gives the logo a nice dimension, the bold white Akana that jumps out and the perfect dark ocean blue against the turquoise blue of the truck. The balance just felt right to us. The ocean vibe kept popping up in our brainstorm sessions, we are so tied to the ocean and nature it just made sense to incorporate these colors given the constraints of the truck color; it made for a really unique color combo that stands out from the rest of the competition!

Final Logo (black white)


New edits, redrew the K to make it stand out as a K more. Lined up the Dot on Bros to make it more symmetrical with the outline shape.

I need to add a tad more texture to the K, beef it up a tad and really mathematically line up every aspect and adjust the spacing correctly but just wanted to see if you liked this shape better before we spend the time fine tuning everything.  You’ll see on the attached pink image the math grid, (lots to take in.. Ha) but if you like this version then we can go ahead and dial everything in!


Edits based on phone conversation:

  1. Same size AKANA BROS
  2. Dots from 5 to 4
  3. Kapolei-Hawaii text from 5-4
  4. Two versions of Bros. and Bros

We personally love Seven, I’m not a big fan of the dot on the end of Bros. I think it throws the look off a tad and it adds too many dots like we discussed. Would love to hear your thoughts



Aloha, We have two new variations based on our phone conversation notes. Below is an explanation of both versions:

4.  We changed the name to Akana Bros with a really cool vintage textured font that fills the space nicely.  Added the bolder monogram and Kapolei, Hawaii text on the bottom. This version has the construction in the script font we discussed.

5. This version has a bolder Akana font that stands out really nicely. We added the dots in between Kapolei. Hawaii and also in the EST and 2020 to bring consistency to the logo. The construction text is a bit less curly then V4. The Kapolei Hawaii font is a bit more delicate too which pushes it back a bit

6. The difference on this version is the Construction text. We love how the R curls down bringing your eye to Kapolei Text

Hope you like. Mahalo

Logo Concepts

Aloha! We have logo concepts for you to review. We never show this many options to a client but we had so much fun and were pretty inspired on this one that we just couldn’t narrow them down! We also included mockups of what the logo would look like on a big rig and tshirt just as a visual aid. We find it helpful to envision the logo on actual products.  One thing to take note is we have not touched on any color yet. Color schemes and color pallets come next. The logo that you like from the list will then move into the color stage where we can play with different color options!  A strong logo has to work in black and white first.  We hope you like the concepts and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them. Mahalo for the trust.

A quick breakdown of the ideas behind each:

    1. We wanted to pay design a bold logo that signified strength and had a strong base to it.  We created a custom monogram with the AB letters to tie in the Akana Brothers name and make it an iconic symbol that can be used by itself on other marketing ideas. The inclusion of the island chains above Akana Brothers represents the connection to the Aina.  2020 being such a funky year for everyone, we wanted to turn it into a positive for you since this is the year of the launch of a great business that will see many more years in existence!
    2.  This version is similar with a few differences. We made the Akana name a bit bolder and more pronounced along with the monogram and wrote out Hawaii in a timeless font above.
    3.  This version takes on a very classic and elegant shape that fits more horizontally then vertically, similar elements to 1,2 but with a more refined approach.
    4.  Is a variation of 3 without the year and the bolder AB monogram
    5.  This logo is very dynamic, it has a lot of movement which is inspired by the nature of your business, coming and going. The logo gives off a sense of travel with the elongated shape and text. We love this logo because of the forward motion of the script text in brothers along with the 3 tapered pinstripe lines going from left to right. The forward motion of the logo evokes a sense of progression and growth, moving the business forward.
    6.  Is a very bold and graphic approach, we love this logo because it’s so recognizable and stands out from 100 feet away. It lends itself very nicely to any type of merch or promotional items as well.
    7. This logo we created a really unique and interesting monogram with the initals ABC. We noticed the abc in the name and really wanted to showcase that since it was so interesting to us. This logo is inspired by the vintage Hawaiian hotel and apartment signs that became so well known across the world. We wanted to give this logo a timeless and classic feeling, hinting at the idea that this company has been around for a long time and is a staple in Hawaii. The font also has a really nice flow and movement to it which compliments the beautiful lines of the ABC monogram. Very bold and eye catching, again the pieces can be used separately as seen in the truck mockup.








Mockup Examples

Mood Board:

Aloha George, here is a new mood. Keep in mind too these are just for inspiration and not necessarily what we’ll design. Let me know if this is more along the lines

Aloha George,  Below is our mood  board that is a type of brainstorming for ideas and looks. We look at these mood boards as inspirations and starting points for direction.  Let me know if we’re on the same page and the next step is the fun one, starting the design process!

Competition Logos:

This is a collection of competitor logos for reference

Aloha George, Welcome to our private web page. We will use this page to keep track of progress and revisions. It’s an easy way for you to go back and look at concepts or changes we’ve made. Bookmark it and save it to your favorites.  We’re excited to start this process with you! Mahalo

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