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Our eighth and last concept is a fun contemporary take on the idea.  This is an abstract version of the stamp concept.  We took the idea of the stamp and incorporated the coffee circle again but in a half circle that also symbolizes the passport stamp idea.  The type is bold and creates a sense of motion throughout the logo

Our seventh concept is a take on a retro luggage stamp idea. The boldness of this logo stands out, with a really era specific typeface. The flow of this logo screams “were the brand to watch for”  This logo is meant to have a strong shelf presence, it commands your attention

Our sixth concept is a more conceptual approach.  We wanted to represent the stamp effect but with a slight twist, we looked at coffee stain circles and scanned a coffee stain on a napkin to create the outer circle! A slight clever and subtle tie in to the coffee industry.  This logo represents a passport visa stamp with the guam and cali abbreviations.  This logo lends itself perfectly to any branding, merch, stickers etc.

Our fifth concept takes on a very classic and friendly vibe.  This logo concept is meant to feel like this has been a company that has been around for a long time, a staple in the coffee business.  The layout , typeface and flow of this logo gives the brand a sense of belonging and legitimacy.  We love the boldness and recognition factor of this logo

Our fourth concept is a horizontal clean and simple version.  This logo’s typeface creates a nostalgic emotion, a trip back into the 1950s when the US granted all people of Guam US Citizenship.  This logo is meant to represent a vintage postcard stamp that would have been seen on any correspondence between Guam and the US.

Our third concept is takes on a new shape! We really loved this typeface, it brings a certain sense of elegance and timelessness.  We wanted to frame the type with meaning, Guam Champorado brewed in Oakland which bridges the two cultures together.  The center line is an abstract symbol for bridging the gap.  Custom illustration is the focal point with a bit of cultural reference with the HAFA ADAI! which has turned into my favorite saying!  The diamond in the I also symbolizes quality and high end coffee symbolism that is cleverly incorporated in a subtle manner.  This logo shape and flow lends itself to packaging and labeling

Our second concept is a more literal take on a vintage stamp.  We love the typography on this version, very iconic bold and it stands out.  We illustrated a version of the guasali flower incorporated with a coffee plant which combines both meanings.  Both illustrations are hand drawn by our team which means nobody will have these icons! We wanted to bring in the guam/oakland connection and also the year the company was created in.

Our first logo concept is based on a vintage postage stamp.  We wanted to incorporate a bit of cultural Polynesian inspired triangle art with the stamp elements. We also included a custom hand drawn guasali flower illustration.  We love the simplicity and iconography of this logo

Latte Stone Research

We did some research on the iconic Latte Stones.  We found it to be a very interesting and unique, the history and visual of the latte stones really intrigued us.


We are beginning our research process which is exciting and educational for us.  We are doing our homework on your industry, story and your brand.  We’ve begun the collection part of the process, where we look into textures, colors, feels and vibes that will eventually guide us into a great direction.  Most of this process is behind the scenes so rest assured were busy learning as much as we can on our end before we put paper to paper!

Aloha! We will be using this private web page to keep track of the progress made on your Charlie May Coffee logo. All drafts and revisions throughout the process will be posted here. We are looking forward to working with you on this project!

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