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Final Color Schemes









This version below is our favorite color scheme. We color matched your truck photo and we loved the contrast between the rust and gold. Stands out very nicely!

These versions were off your previous notes. We didn’t think coloring in the horse looked as strong for a few reasons; first you lose a lot of the negative space that was created by filling in the elements, second reason is when placed on any other background the gold will have to compete with that background.  The last and most important reason is printing purposes, it will make it a little harder to print tshirts etc. The less colors the better in a logo. Let me know what you think!


Aloha! We have color options for you to review. The first two are based on your previous color pallet as you stated with the black and gold. These are our favorites by the way. We also included variations of purple and green that was taken from colors of flowers.  Hope you like! Let me know which one you’re leaning towards or if you have any suggestions



Round 3

Aloha! We are nearing the finish line!  Just a heads up we’re at the final allotted revision round according to the contract.  This would be the final round of edits, that being said! We took into great consideration all your edits and we love your ideas, we think it really brings the whole thing together so thank you for your great input. Told you the collaboration process was really fun! Its our favorite part of the project.  Changes made:

  • 6B has the mane going up higher towards the ears to fill in a bit more (forelock)
  •  Both have the horse rounded more per request
  • Women has been brought in slightly and added jawline
  • Line of mane has been designed to create the illusion of her hair going backwards ( Bev Doolittle) negative space, we love that part
  • Cat body as well! Great idea!
  • Vertical line in muzzle eliminated and reworked
  • Increased “hugging feeling” of the mane at the bottom of the dog

We hope you love it as much as we do!

If all looks great, we can move into color schemes!

Round 2


Aloha! We have a new version for you to review. We took your notes into consideration and made the requested edits. The following was revised:

  • We went with the circle text around the horse icon which we actually really love! I think it flows really nicely together.
  • We changed the horses ear and added a bit of dimension to it as well, to soften up the image and get away from the “alert” state
  • We added more hair flowing clockwise in the mane to go further make that movement apparent
  • We moved the cat in between the dog and human face per requested and focused on the proportions
  • The durum wheat was also added which I think gives it a nice touch as well, 5 A has a more wispy feel but we could run into issues with printing such fine lines especially on tshirts, smaller items. 5b has the wheat in a more graphical form that would be best for printing
  • The mane at the bottom was extended to embrace the dog and was also cleaned up


We hope you love the changes! We’re pretty happy with the outcome ourselves. Look forward to hearing what you think!



Round 1

4.   The fourth and final concept is an interesting take on the logo. This experimental version focuses on a couple of great points; the first is the playfulness of the cat pawing at the zebra/horse tail as a play toy.  The interaction of the cat with the zebra/horse is interesting to us, it is an image that wouldn’t normally be associated together which caught our attention.  We loved the pattern of the zebra that followed the vintage texture of the text which provided a nice compliment.  We decided to provide two versions of this logo, with the zebra and horse to more accurately represent the type of business you are in (we realize a zebra is probably not as accurate) we just loved how the zebra looked! If you notice the C and O in this logo abstractly represent a link in a chain to subtly conjure that image of connectives. We love to include small details that wouldn’t be picked up right away by the consumer, hidden gems!




3.   Third concept focuses on the bond between animals, the horse and dog hugging in the center brings forward strong imagery.  Two animals that wouldn’t normally interact embracing in love provides a powerful statement. The typography on this version is very hand written based, we wanted to give this concept a stamp like feel. The idea came about from an official stamp on documents, giving it a sense of importance and validity.  The foliage elements bring the nature/animal/earth connection full circle literally. We pictured the earth and how everything is connected in a circle of life.  If you look closely the foliage follows the path of the text in a clockwise fashion that also follow the horse’s head to give this logo a sense of movement that ties in the rhythm of our world.


2.  Logo #2 concept revolves around the bond between humans and animals as we discussed.  If you look closely the horse’s mane embraces the faces of a woman, cat, and dog placed in various configurations.  The ti leaf halo around the horse brings in a bit of a subtle local flare with Hawaiian foliage.  The typography on this version is an homage to vintage signage which eludes to original medicinal types of publications and logos. The choice in type is meant to convey a sense of trustworthiness and credibility.  2c gives you a softer feel with the cursive font that presents a friendly, modern, classy emotion.

  1.    The first concept we have is the representation of a deer head as the icon, the Deer antlers take on the form of tree branches which ties in the nature-animal connection. The two branches also represent the change in seasons, from Spring to Fall when the leaves drop.  We wanted to present a combination of fun and hand written fonts in this logo to soften up the image and bring in the playfulness and also the organic feel of the overall concept. This logo lends itself to really unique and marketable materials.

Mood Boards

Aloha! Below are a couple of mood boards we put together to gather some initial inspiration and concepts. Think of this step as a rough brain storm session to put some visuals on paper. We explored some potential color schemes as well as some typography brainstorms. This step is not intended to be concrete of course.  The exciting part comes next!  Design process will begin shortly.  I’ll continue to update you with ideas.  Mahalo!




Aloha Dr. Penny.

Once again thank you for placing your trust in us for your logo project. This is the web page we will be using to look at concepts, revisions and notes. Please bookmark it.  We are excited to begin this branding project for you.  Mahalo!

Below are photos of your personal notes for archive:

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