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Aloha! We have three color concepts based on three different stories.

our first idea is inspired by the ocean that surrounds us.  We chose a nautical theme for this concept with hints of tan which represent our beaches, a really classy and sophisticated colorway.  The small triangles that represent the mountains are in a beautiful green hue to represent our lush green landscape
The second concept is based on the red volcanic rocks on the big island with a really classy and unexpected sage green color pallet that flows effortlessly throughout the logo. The rust color pops and makes a dramatic statement

Our final concept leans towards a more traditional Hawaiiana lauhala color pallet.  We had ancient tapa cloth patterns in mind when we came up with this colorway

Updated Logo with the icons from Kumu as well as adding a really nice touch with the AT MAUNA LANI text. We spaced out the letters to give it a nice high end look which we think really ties the whole logo together beautifully!  We’re really proud of how this one is shaping up


Aloha! We’ve updated the logo according to our conversation and notes we were sent through email.  We updated the LUAU typeface to match the typeface from the previous two other concepts.  We really love the weight and feel of this typeface for the LUAU text.

The major update is regarding the symbol graphic. We redrew the outer ring to feature the 5 mountains that are pointing inward.  A special homage to Kumu John Ka’imikaua’s logo was incorporated with the inclusion of the white triangles inside the mountain shapes that surround the Hale. Between the mountain graphics, we have an abstract shape that represents Ahupua’a with symbols for wai inside. The combination of all these shapes also represent the Sun, Mahina and Stars which are our eternal guiding force in life.  This detailed symbol tells a story through art that echo’s the beautiful script you have written for this experience.  We hope you enjoy our depiction.  Mahalo for your time

Aloha! We have three beautiful logos that we are extremely proud to present to you.  We always try to go above and beyond and approach each logo concept from a completely different angle.  We have three different concepts which I will explain further below.


The first concept we have to present has various levels of meaning! The first is the 5 mountains represented by the 5 abstract Triangles that point towards the Piko as it was beautifully narrated in the show script. The swirl or Piko also represents the continuity of life and nature, everything in life is cyclical. We always try to incorporate a little hidden gem into our logos. If you look closely the negative space in between the triangles forms a plumeria shape!  Once you see it you can’t unsee it.  The pua is an homage to the luau and lei’s we usually receive when attending. The typeface we wanted to give a feeling of being carved as a petroglyph style.


The second logo concept we have is based on a beautiful cape I personally saw on display at the national museum of natural history in Washington DC on a trip we took a couple years ago. The pattern was just beyond gorgeous, when this project manifested we knew it was time to look back towards that photo.   We wanted to show an abstract representation of the pattern which we loved giving it an etched texture to it. The actual pattern gave us a feeling of arms hugging you.  With the layout of the text we wanted to give it a vintage type of style to the overall logo.  This logo would look amazing on any type of merch, tshirts, hats, sweatshirts etc.


The third logo, we love the boldness and iconography of this concept.  We created a custom seal that showcases an abstract hale petroglyph that has a hidden H in it’s design.  The representation of water below the hale represents the fish ponds which we discussed during our conversations.  The pattern around the outer ring is a loose representation of the Hawaiian navigation compass. We love the dynamic flow and the movement this logo has

Hale Hoaloha – Logo Moodboard

We are beginning our research process which is exciting and educational for us.  We are doing our homework on your industry, story and your brand.  We’ve begun the collection part of the process, where we look into textures, colors, feels and vibes that will eventually guide us into a great direction.  Most of this process is behind the scenes so rest assured were busy learning as much as we can on our end before we put pen to paper!

Aloha! We will be using this private web page to keep track of the progress made on your logo. All drafts and revisions throughout the process will be posted here. We are looking forward to working with you on this project!

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