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Round 3

Aloha! In this round we gave the character  a bit of a tummy tuck, we moved up the back rib a bit up towards the arm pit to make him more proportionate.  We also added a horizontal bar on the standalone logo.



Round 2

This round we focused on redrawing the characters hand and redrew the shuffle cue as well as redrawing the disc to more accurately depict the correc angle.


Version 3 has a ground plane bar above HAWAII STATE to showcase the playing field. Version 4 does not.

Version 5 is with the new character in black and white and color variations. New cross bone type design has been added to fill in the space below the wording which further reiterates the shuffleboard elements.

Hope you like! Mahalo



Below is the concept for the HSSA logo. We took your concept with the petroglyph figure and modified it to showcase the posture of a person pushing the cue while playing.

Version 1:  We wanted to present you a strong bold logo that emphasizes the petroglyph figure. Very clean and very iconic.


Version 2: This logo takes a more conventional approach, still maintaining the strong petroglyph figure with the addition of the shield shape. This logo takes a more traditional sport league look.

We hope you like! Mahalo

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