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Round Label


Aloha! We have a label concept for you to review.  We kept in line with the branding we created and adapted it into the label design to keep consistency with the brand.  Let me know what you think!


Business Cards

Color Explorations:

This logo colorway is based on the traditional Puerto Rican colors but we wanted to sophisticate them a bit so they’re not so bold.  A bit more subdued.  This is my favorite colorway of them all to be honest!


This colorway is based on the iconic King Kamehameha Cloak to tie in the Hawaiian aspect of the logo.  We wanted to incorporate some beautiful Hawaiian color schemes into this logo. The dark burgandy with the gold color compliment each other beautifully.


This logo is inspired by the iconic Puerto Rican doorways that are so colorful and memorable.  This logo pops and is extremely recognizable
Logo Round2

Aloha! We have edits based on your notes! We included the 87680 into the top arch and it fits actually pretty nicely! We also included the EST.2019 text.  The next part is a clever twist to fill in that space, we wanted to incorporate a subtle version of the Puerto Rican flag since we had the stars already.  We added  3 stripes to represent the 3 stripes on the flag in an homage to the culture. We’re absolutely in love with this logo! I hope you are too!

Logo Concept Round 1

Aloha Christopher! We have 3 really beautiful and unique logos for you to review. We put a lot of thought into each concept we present, I will describe each one below:


Option 1:  This is our personal favorite to be honest.  We wanted to pay homage to the Puerto Rican heritage as well as the Hawaiian culture.  We studied your parents original label and noticed you had these really interesting triangles that we wanted to incorporate into your new updated design as a small subtle reference to the history of the brand.  I wanted to emphasize “The Original” Text in the logo to remind the consumer of the importance of the original recipe, based on our phone conversation regarding the stealing of the recipe from before…  The two small stars next to the AUTHENTIC PUERTO RICAN text come directly from the Puerto Rican flag to pay respect to the culture. The small hash marks outlined with the Pink Arrow below: Come from the traditional Taino art culture. According to our research, The Taíno are an indigenous people of the Caribbean. At the time of European contact in the late fifteenth century, they were the principal inhabitants of most of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and the northern Lesser Antilles.


The  “Company” Text is inspired by the traditional San Juan Puerto Rico font used for travel brochures in the 50’s that captivated the US travel industry and made Puerto Rico a destination hot spot. It’s supposed to evoke that golden era of Puerto Rican culture


Version 2:

This version is inspired by vintage Puerto Rican stamps we discovered through our research. I really love the old stamps Puerto Rico produce in the early 50’s-60s’ they were so intricate and artistic we fell in love with that style.  I wanted to bring a little of that into this logo with the stamp feel. We always love to incorporate little hidden meanings into our logos that only our clients would know about, its a great talking point for any logo.  We did extensive research on the original Maili Pastele Company and loved the address numbers, we felt those numbers fit perfectly with this logo and paid an homage to the history.  We added a little subtle star in the H to pay respect to the Puerto Rican culture again, with a beautiful illustration of a Pastele. We love the feel and flow of this logo


Version 3:

We always want to show our clients a really clean, simple and straightforward logo option as well.  This logo concept relies solely on the simplicity and beauty of a clean presentation. A beautiful elegant illustration of a Pastele with a really authentic typeface for Hawaiian Pastele that reminds us of old Puerto Rican official documents. This logo is meant to represent an authentic almost official government document to bring home the notion that this brand is the real deal. A gorgeous and elegant script font used for the “Company” text makes this logo have that feeling of being  authentic and official.


Aloha Christopher,

Welcome to our project page!  This is the web page that we will use to keep track of the progress of our branding project.  Please save this page as we will reference it throughout the project.  We will upload concepts, mood boards and ideas on this page.



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