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Two new concepts that we think nail the idea!

both versions have hand drawn custom illustrations which really give the logo a unique and exclusive vibe. Our personal favorite is #4, its a pretty clever twist that fits nicely.

Aloha! We have 3 really beautiful and sleek high end logos for you to review

Our first concept is based on a wave pattern which eludes to our amazing island life. We love the mid century vibe to this font and the flow. We wanted to showcase the local and luxury terms and mirror them.

This concept is a very clean sleek and upscale subdued approach that just feels luxurious!

This is our favorite logo to present to you. We love the little elements that represent waves, motion, luxury and sleekness. This logo has a lot of movement and direction, one element brings you to the next element capped off with a really high end tagline at the bottom. The boldness of the H really captures our attention. It’s a logo that makes you stop and look a little deeper at right away.

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