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Aloha we have three distinct colorways based off colors from our natural landscape here in Makaha, we wanted to showcase shades of greens that are not commonly seen in branding to make your logo unique and attractive as well as standing the test of time


We made the lines above HAWAIIAN OWNED longer and centered to cover both

Also tweaked the spacing on TREE SERVICES and made that line a tad bit bigger, I want to be careful not to compete with HOLOHOLO so we can keep the hierarchy in tact


Based on notes provided, we are still waiting on quilt photo. Replaced TREE SERVICE text and updated Hawaiian Owned tagline

Notes from client:

Concepts Round 1

Aloha and thank you for your patience, we have 4 solid concepts we would love to present along with explanation of our process for each, lets dive in!



Sunshine Topper: The sunshine isn’t just a light source; it’s the ultimate artist, painting the world with its golden brush. Imagine it not just as a celestial body, but as the maestro of nature’s symphony, casting an ethereal glow that breathes life into every nook and cranny of our world.

Quilting the Ecosystem: The Hawaiian quilt motif on the right is more than just a pattern; it’s a story woven from the threads of generations. Picture it as a tapestry of unity, connecting us with the intricate dance of the ecosystem. Each stitch is a promise, a reminder of our custodial role in this grand design.

Mauka’s Embrace: The bottom left, Mauka, doesn’t just signify our bond with the trees and the land; it’s a rooted connection that runs deep into the earth’s core. Envision roots intertwined with ours, a silent pact with nature, thriving on mutual respect and love. It’s a testament to our oneness with the mountains and the forests, standing tall and proud.

Makai’s Whisper: The bottom right, Makai, represents the fluid, flowing essence of our world—the sustainable heartbeat of our vibrant planet. Picture this as the ocean’s whisper, a salty breeze carrying stories across waves, reminding us of the cyclical beauty of life and our responsibility towards the water that sustains us all.

Bringing it all together in one graphic, imagine this shield as a window to our world, a mirror reflecting our symbiotic relationship with nature. It’s not just a design; it’s a declaration of love, a vow to protect, and a call to action for everyone who holds it dear. It’s like holding a microcosm of Waianae in your hands, feeling the pulse of the land, the warmth of the sun, the whispers of the ocean, and the unity in every thread of the quilt.

Concept 3:

Tapa Textured Tales: Imagine the texture within the typography not just as a pattern, but as a pulsating beat of history. The tapa pattern, inspired by our journey through Bishop Museum, doesn’t merely decorate; it narrates. Each line, dot, and swirl is a note played in the symphony of ancient Hawaiian life. It’s a nod to the interconnectedness of humanity and nature, a reminder of how the ancients honored the trees by transforming bark into canvas, capturing the spirit of the forest with every press and dye.

Adze of Ingenuity: The story of the stone adze isn’t just a tale of a tool; it’s a testament to human ingenuity. In a world untouched by the hum of power tools, ancient Hawaiians crafted these adzes, not just to carve but to create. It symbolizes efficiency, precision, and respect for the material at hand, reflecting the same values you bring to your work. Each stroke of the adze in ancient times mirrors the conscientious effort and skill you dedicate to serving your clients today.

Bridging Eras: By incorporating these elements into your logo, you’re not merely paying homage to the past; you’re weaving a seamless tapestry that connects eras. The ancient tradition of tree servicing, marked by the tapa pattern and the adze, reflects your commitment to preserving and honoring the legacy of tireless innovation and deep respect for nature. It’s a symbolic bridge that links your work’s precision and efficiency with the ancestral wisdom and sustainable practices of Hawaiian culture.

The Logo Story: Envision your logo as not just a brand mark, but as a storyteller standing at the crossroads of past and present. It whispers the ancient secrets of the tapa and the adze, while confidently proclaiming your commitment to quality, efficiency, and ecological harmony. It tells a story of respect — for the traditions, for nature, for the work you do, and for the clients you serve. This logo is a beacon of your identity, shining bright with the lessons learned from the ancients, carried forward with pride in every project you undertake.

In crafting this design, you’re not just shaping a visual identity; you’re embarking on a legacy. It’s a breath of life that ties your brand indelibly to the rich tapestry of Hawaiian culture and the timeless values it represents. What a profound way to signify your connection to tradition while emphasizing the precision and care that defines your services!

Concept 4:

Vintage Vibes: Think of the typography not just as letters but as time travelers from the golden age of Hawaiian print. Imagine each character dipped in history, echoing stories from vintage Hawaiian newspapers. This isn’t just a font; it’s a vessel carrying the legacy of voices from yesteryears, giving your logo an instant aura of nostalgia and credibility. It whispers to the customer, “Trust us; we’ve been here before, weaving stories of trust and reliability through time.”

Emblem of Unity: The “H” graphic isn’t merely a letter; it’s a symbol rich with the essence of ancient Hawaiian craftsmanship. Envision reed tying, an art that turned humble materials into strong, protective homes, mirroring the strength of your partnership. This emblem celebrates your unity as husband and wife, entrepreneurs joined not just in matrimony but in the adventure of building a legacy. It’s a testament to the idea that together, you’re not just stronger, but unstoppable.

Rings of Growth: The sliced bark revealing tree rings is more than a visual element; it’s a metaphor for the company’s journey. Like the rings of a tree, each layer marks a chapter of growth, resilience, and expansion. This design element invites viewers to delve deeper, to see not just a company, but a living entity that has grown rapidly, yet steadily, embodying the cycles of nature itself.

Local Pride: Stating that this is a locally owned company isn’t just a fact; it’s a proud declaration of your roots and commitment to the community. It’s like planting a flag in the heart of your customers, reassuring them that by choosing you, they’re supporting a business that’s homegrown, nurtured by the same land and values they hold dear.

Combining these elements, your logo isn’t just seen; it’s felt. It weaves a story that connects the dots between tradition and innovation, strength and growth, local pride and timeless trust. It’s a beacon of your identity, radiating the warmth of nostalgia while boldly stepping forward into the future.
Imagine your logo as a handshake across time, a bridge between the past and the present, promising quality, unity, and growth. It’s not just a brand; it’s a legacy in the making, promising your customers that with each interaction, they’re touching a piece of history crafted with love, precision, and respect for the journey. How’s that for a logo story that stands the test of time?

Aloha and welcome to our project webpage. We will upload concepts, research and overall ideas on here.

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