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Behind The Name:

The name Ka Ipu Makani, was inspired by the mo’olelo, Ka Ipu Makani a La’amaomao (The Wind Gourd of La’amaomao). The mo’olelo references three generations of kahu iwikuamo’o, or chiefly attendants (Kūanu’uanu, Pāka’a, and Kūapāka’a) that were dedicated to their kuleana of mālama ali’i, mālama kūpuna, mālama ‘ohana, and mālama ho’oilina. The epic mo’olelo is set mainly on the islands of Kaua’i, Moloka’i, and Hawai’i and portrays the significance of ancestral heritage and responsibilities. According to the mo’olelo, Ka Ipu Makani refers to the receptacle containing all the winds of the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the iwi, or bones of La’amaomao, the ancestor of the main characters and the controller of the winds. Symbolically, the ipu represents a vessel that stored ancestral knowledge and resources vital to the success of the kahu iwikuamo’o, as well as the health and well-being of the people of Hawai’i. As we seek to steward and care for our kuleana: our island communities, our families, and our cultural heritage here on Moloka’i, we hope to resemble the perseverance, skill, wit, and knowledge of these kahu iwikuamo’o, while providing a repository, an ipu, of resources to better ʻauamo  our kuleana. “Ola nā iwi kūpuna”, may the heritage of Hawai’i live on.

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