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“Ke’elikolani from number 2 and put it on number 3.

Can you change the banner on 3 that says Hale Keoua to have it say
Princess Ruth.”

Concepts: Aloha, and thank you for patience as we put together 4 strong concepts we feel reflect the core values, history and significance of this logo project. We felt that a logo that encompassed a regal look was the most appropriate. We wanted to portray a style that seemed like it would have existed during her reign and give the school a sense of belonging, establishment, authenticity and historical value. A logo that looks like it belongs to a world class institution

1: Our first concept is a contemporary take on a traditional regal seal. We illustrated the top portion of the palace which has now been destroyed. We wanted to bring back that iconic look and intertwine it with a custom seal that we illustrated which is in the essence of historical king and queen seals of historical Hawaiian figures. We illustrated a custom RK monogram to represent Ruth Keelikolani. The bottom part of the seal is an illustration of Pā Kiʻi. The pā ki‘i, a wooden meat platter held by the museum, was one of the ancient symbolic items passed to and preserved by Ruth. This item is on display in the Bishop museum and we got a chance to view it. For the typography we wanted to use a more modern serif typeface that brings some modern flavor to the logo

2: Our second concept is a beautiful illustration of the full palace facade as it once regally stood on the grounds. We illustrated a custom circular frame and inside the last row of the circle frame is a maile braided lei which represents loyalty, respect, friendship and love. We wanted to focus on those core values within the frame that symbolically embraces the palace “school” and everyone inside those grounds. We wanted the students to have the sense of pride, love, respect, loyalty and friendship within the school. The typography we used in this concept is a more traditional scholar feel to represent the importance, regal, and historical value of the school.

Concept 3: This really interesting new take is based on a more royal court approach. During our visit to Iolani Palace we had the chance to view royal kahilis in person which inspired this idea. We also noticed in the PBS video of the school’s naming ceremony there were two kahilis on stage next to the new sign which made sense to bring in that emotion. The kahilis were also very important in the Hawaiian Kingdom, they symbolize the arrival of royalty which represents a welcoming to the school. The shield is draped in maile to showcase how important this school is to the community and how it welcomes all.

Concept 4: The last concept we have is a secondary approach to #3. We were inspired by the beautiful insignia and monograms of King Kalakaua and wanted to bring in that style to this approach.


Aloha and welcome to our project webpage. We will keep track of concepts, revisions and inspiration

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