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Our first concept is based on the Ahupuaʻa system. As we discussed your project and studied your reference photos we began to conceptualize the idea of the Ahupuaʻa, we felt it was a great symbolic way to present the brand. We always try to think about a deeper layer to every brand and how we can graphically tell a story which represents the brand we are working with. The idea of upcycling these burlap sacks that otherwise would have been discarded fit right into the idea of the Ahupuaʻa system which served to utilize every aspect of the land from the highlands to the ocean, every step of the process was vital for the next and it was a beautifully self sustained ecosystem. What you are doing with the utilizing every aspect of the coffee process seemed fittingly with the story. As we researched the name Lokelani, we thought about the idea of the rose growing from the soil. We turned that concept into the growing of the kalo plant out of the coffee to symbolize that aspect of the story. The sun can also be turned into a moon for an alternate colorway!

The typography is all custom hand drawn which is a unique of a kind design for your brand. We try to stay away from using fonts in our designs if possible. Let me know what you think! hope you enjoy

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