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New logo added!

Flyer V7


Generac battery added.  I would need an illustrator version of the SolarTech logo if not we will have to recreate it.  Let me know if you have it available.  Mahalo!

Flyer V4

Tesla Battery image added, power outage text incorporated as well as moving logo down next to website and adding QR code for easy website access!



Aloha! Here is the latest flyer with the edits and new main photo. Included is also an example of the avery label in the correct dimensions for mailing for reference




Flyer V1


QR code added, phone added:

Tagline Added:


Aloha Cedric, welcome to our private web page where we will conveniently keep track of all your projects.  Below are our concepts for your business card design.  We wanted to focus on a modern, sophisticated aesthetic. We loved the bold pop of the green colorway contrasted with classy white’s and yellows. I’ll explain a bit of our process on each one below. Hope you enjoy.







With this version we wanted to introduce the yellow color to balance the greens of nature.  We wanted to create a story with just colors!  The yellow “Sun” Shines and nourishes the earth “green” the white of the text and front card represents electricity giving this design a full circle and story to go with.  On the front, we ghosted part of the sun logo moved the contact info to top left corner to give the design a real modern, clean look and something unique.


As I was playing around with layouts I kept coming back to the MANEHU TECH text by itself. It looked pretty stunning by itself so I decided to bring that to the front on this version. It looks really clean and stands strong. We kept the colorway really simple yet sophisticated with the vertical orientation on the front, the back is the logo in a classy dark green colorway that evokes the green nature of the business. It’s a subtle clever way of reiterating to the customer that solar energy is renewable and “green”.  The green also symbolizes nature.


This last version is an alternative to the first design. The logo on the back is in white to give you a bolder branding approach.



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