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#4 This beautiful logo is our favorite to be honest.  It has various levels of meaning; its in the shape of a pyramid the most iconic and perfect building structure in the world.  They say “Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids” We thought this idea was perfect for the builders side of the logo. On a much deeper meaning we restructure the diamond concept.  We turned a diamond shape into the form of mountain which abstractly represents Haleakala.  To further emphasize the connection with Maui we researched the font used on the Haleakala sign and used a variation of that for the Text.  This logo is bold, meaningful and strong in its symbolism.

#3  Is meant to compliment the first logo we did, we wanted to create a sense of unison throughout the branding of all the logos we’re going to do. This is a much different approach then #4.  We wanted to bring in the elements of the letters holding up the diamond as we did before. We love the flow and continuity of this logo with the previous version


#2 This is a similar concept from #4 with a focus on the facets of a diamond split in half also it abstractly forms the letter M! A very striking and unique logo for sure, lots of intricate meaning involved in this version. We couldn’t decide between this version and #4 so we would love to hear your input on this one.

This version is a completely different approach to the design.  This idea was based on making the diamond and M shapes form a human form which represents the builder idea. The diamond is the head while the M abstractly represents the shoulders and torso.  We loved the interaction of the clean lines of the graphic with the rustic almost petroglyph inspired text of Maui Kupono builders text. Combing a bit of the old and new in one graphic.


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