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Colorway Exploration 6/22/21

here we go! Let me know what you think

Colorway exploration 6/2/21









new versions with a few variations for adding the brand name. let me know what you think!


Pattern V7, V6, V5, V4






Pattern V2


Pattern1:  This beautiful pattern is a representation of the ripples created on a pond. The gorgeous rhythmic waves create a really nice and calming movement throughout the pattern.   We wanted to create a luxurious feel to this pattern to bring your brand to life in the proper way.  Two really nice colorways attached for comparison




This really cool pattern is inspired by the big fashion houses, we were thinking gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.  We really loved the interaction between the two Meyraki symbols! Its a subtle hidden gem that creates M’s throughout the pattern!  The other symbolic reasoning for the symbols is a story telling aspect.  In a lotus pond we see the beauty of the flower above the surface but we never pay attention to the beauty that is happening below the surface. It goes back to our lives, how we present a certain persona to the world when we step out  ie through fashion… and we also have the persona we don’t show.

Pink Color Explorations Revision3:

Pink Color Explorations



Aloha!  We have a few color explorations for you to review. We played with two gold different hues, one is a little brighter then the other to compliment the pink hues.  My favorite colorway if you’re going with this route would be A.  It’s the most flattering I believe.  Personally I like the logo without the pink but of course it’s your brand.  I do love the A version.



This might be our favorite colorway.  We base a lot of colorways on nature, Nature does not put wrong colors together… nature never fails with the perfect colors so we take from her our inspiration. This colorway is extremely sophisticated with a beautiful gold color for the icon, and a really timeless sage type of green for the text that is based on this amazing valley photo. The interactions of the greens and golds just stand out perfectly and dance together.

This colorway is based purely on luxury. It is a colorway we actually use in our own logo, the black and gold is completely timeless and elegant.  Bold, sophisticated, expensive and trustworthy. Black and gold marble is our inspiration.

Another example of pulling from nature.  The taro fields of Hawaii which represent self sustainability, health, wealth and prosperity signify a lot for a brand.  These are attributes any brand would love to carry through their messaging.  The Taro is a key component in Hawaiian culture, we flip that into your brand, meaning Meyraki is a staple, a necessary part in the industry.  These colors are timeless and will never fade with the trends.  We love to give our clients colorways that are not trendy and fad worthy

We always love to include a colorway that is a bit out there and out of the norm of what would be expected. This colorway is based on the iconic Iwi Bird.  The beautiful red just pops so excellent and is so eye catching. Its completely unique in this industry so it could set you apart right from the start.  I’m interested in hearing your opinion on this colorway.

The purple plumeria is such a beautiful flower, this colorway was mainly based on your pinterest board. I wanted to incorporate a bit of your boards, these purple/pink colorways are so gorgeous and classy.

Round1 Dolls text Alternates:

Three new type treatments for the DOLLS text. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Round 1: Alternate Concepts

This version is something completely different.  This concept is more island based, its a representation of the Polynesian Koru (fern spiral) The fern spiraling symbolizes new beginnings, we enclosed it in the diamond shape to represent a beacon of hope and luxury.  The typeface we chose for this concept is based on the movement of the ocean, it represents waves moving towards the right since we were concentrating on the island theme. I loved the flow of this logo

This is a really unique and complex logo concept. Based on our research we learned about the Ouroboros symbol that is Greek in nature. This symbol signifies rebirth, endlessness.  A beautiful Greek inspired text with a really gorgeous monogram that gives the brand a sense of class and high end luxury feel. I really loved this idea as well. The monogram really stands out

V2 is a really nice and solid logo concept that was based on using the silhouette of a sun that symbolizes a sunrise which ties in with our idea of new beginnings; new day, new start.  The sun encapsulates a beautiful custom Monogram. We wanted to use a monogram as it signifies high fashion and established brands (LV, Gucci, CC etc)  The font is inspired by ancient Greek typography that looks etched in stone further emphasizing the quality and endurance of the brand.

The first idea is a really basic straightforward text only logo that we loved how the letters interacted. We always like to present a very simple and clean concept to our clients as sometimes that is all that is needed.  It also gives us a really solid foundation to build off

Round 1, Alternate Text

Aloha! We have a new version of the logo, we modified the DOLLS text. We went through a lot of different varieties and decided on this beauty. The simplicity of the font echoes the complexity of the story behind all the other elements. We also absolutely loved the O. That perfect circle just stands out so lovely… (sorry, we nerd out on little things like that!) The stems in L’s also mimic the stems in the Y and I. I think it compliments the entire logo nicely.  It modernizes the logo overall as well, really curious to hear what you think!



Round 1 Concept:

Aloha! Normally we wouldn’t present just one concept.. In this case we think we have THE ONE!  I do have the other concepts as well but really wanted to show you this by itself.  Let me explain the idea:

We took very careful notes on our conversations and incorporated a lot of subtle details that tell a compelling story with this logo.  As we were discussing your story I kept coming back to the notion of rebirth, a fresh start and new beginnings. Those keywords were important in describing your journey in my eyes.  One important aspect was that this brand brought you out of the depression you were facing, In Greek the Delta is seen as a symbol for a doorway ;The thought was that the combination of polarities would provide a new opening, balancing thought and emotion would provide a doorway to higher wisdom. It was the doorway into a new mental state.

The Delta could also be seen as an arrow,  which are often iconic symbols for direction and movement forward. Overall, the Greek Delta symbolizes positive change. Which I found was very fitting for this brand, we are moving forward and putting the past negative experiences behind us.

The triangle is also a very important symbol representing the trinity of mind body and spirit, we’ve incorporated various triangles in the text and in the imagery. The Meyraki font is custom made to portray this idea.   The icon in the center is a graphic representation of a lotus flower, the lotus flower symbolizes rebirth, in this case the rebirth of the brand literally and spiritually encompassed with the triangle in a beautiful sacred symmetrical manner.


The font itself was custom made and was inspired by a photo that one of our team members took on her trip to Greece, it was taken on the island of Rhoades at the Palace of the Grand Masters.  We used that as inspiration for the type treatments which further emphasize the connection with the Greek saying of Meraki.


The logo can be split into three different elements giving you a wide variety of uses. The text can stand alone and the icon can be its own trademark as well since its very recognizable and can be it’s own branding.


Below are a few mockups we created to show you how the logo can be used, these are not colorways for your brand yet just examples of ideas. We find it helps to visualize the logo on products to get a better feel for it.

Mood Board

Aloha Renee

Below is our mood board, There are a few ideas mixed into one board that are dancing around in my head. I’m thinking we develop a really unique color for your brand that stands out amongst the rest (ie, tiffany blue)  We will develop that color on the last step. We always present our logos in black/white first. A great logo must work in black and white first then we can play around with color schemes! I love to look at architecture and textures to get inspiration from. Certain lines and shapes start developing our thoughts.  I love the simplicity and boldness of the DIOR logo. that letter combination just screams luxury for some reason…  I love the sleek lines on Coco’s photos the elegance of Audrey and the beautiful textiles of Maya.  Would love to hear your thoughts, the really fun part comes next with the concept round!



Aloha Renee

This is the webpage we will use to keep track of the progress of the branding project. Bookmark this page as we will reference it frequently.  Mahalo!

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