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Color Round 1

Aloha! We have a couple of color variations for you to review. We always like to take our color inspiration directly from nature. We looked at the overall color pallet of Molokai and picked really beautiful sophisticated green hues that reflect the environment. For the graphic of the wind/current we wanted to keep it really light and airy to reflect the concept so we chose colors that reflect both the wind, and beautiful hues of the reef and surrounding waters. Some of the green hues were also taken from the  pua kukui flower which we loved.


Aloha! We made the edits requested, The side graphic is actually part of our “Alternative” Logo options which is included in the package so that was already on our radar. Let me know what you think!

Revision Round1:

Notes provided for referance:

– We love the Newspaper typescript of design “c/d” 

– We love the woodblock style of design “a/b”

– We love the wind design of “e”

– We love having “MOAʻE” big and “Molokaʻi Digital Repository” smaller

– We love the sleekness of the smaller typescript for design “e”

With that said would it be possible to try mixing some of the designs?

1) Design “e”, but instead using the Newspaper typescript for “Moaʻe” and moving “Molokaʻi” to second line

2) Same typescript as above, with block design from a/b


We have completed our extensive research and have dived deep into the following concepts we have prepared for you. We normally don’t present this many variations but we felt inspired as a team and designed 7 unique designs for you to review! I will explain our thought process behind each one below

Our first concept is based on moae (tradewinds). We wanted to illustrate the winds in a very graphical, simple almost woodblock style. We also incorporated the effect the tradewinds have on our currents and swells which can be seen in the bottom left section of the illustration with the wave being created. This interaction between the wind and sea is a beautiful comparison between the history affecting the future which ties in perfectly with the name moae repository. The history of molokai is affecting the future of the island with this project. The typography is based on a weathered style that feels like this name has been around for a long time paired with the modern digital repository text below creating that bridge between the old and new.
This is a variation of the logo above, with a new typeface exploration. We felt this typeface felt a bit softer and created a different emotion. The juxtaposition between the lower case and uppercase was very striking to us. The uppercase and lowercase also symbolizes the trades and currents, giving both names their own distinction
Throughout our brainstorming sessions we kept coming back to the idea of bridging.. Bridging the past with the future. The repository project is a bridge between historical knowledge and the future who is interested in that history. We discovered the Honouli Wai Bridge and thought this would be a great graphical representation. We created this icon that encompassed the tradewinds flowing over the streams of the Honouli Wai Bridge which also symbolize the transfer of history from the old to the new. The typography is meant to represent ancient newspaper fonts to create the sense of nostalgia and historical importance.
This version takes the same concept as the above logo but further abstracts the graphic. The winds, interact with the flow of water through the bridge, it’s that interplay between knowledge and absorption that we found compelling. One affects the other in our cyclical world that we live in as humans, one action causes another reaction and we live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.
This versions departs from the bridge idea but still focuses on the symbiotic harmony of nature. The winds affect the currents just like the past affects our future. We must live in harmony with nature to be properly balanced and this logo is just that. The text is centered and everything falls beautifully in line with each other. We must learn from the past to be able to live properly in the future. The future cannot exist without the past and vice versa
Throughout our studies we discovered to our own surprise that Molokai is said to be the birthplace of Hula. We wanted to explore that idea as we figured that would be a great parable of our concept of teaching the history to the future generation as the repository project intends to do. Hula as you know is the passing of stories from one another through dance. The passing of knowledge is done through the breath… or wind, without air there is no speech…a beautiful interaction between the elements of nature and language. The puili sticks in the center serve as means of transmitting those movements with sound to continue to tell the story meant to be told.
Our last concept is based on the petroglyphs of ancient Hawaiians. Ancient people scribed into their environment what they saw in their daily life. It was a way for them to record their history for future generations to see. This was a concept we felt was important with the work you are doing. The figure is revering the Moae holding the tradewinds in his hands as a symbol of importance and he will pass along these winds to the future while admiring the importance of them. The stone slab also has the 5 dots which symbolizes Molokai being the fifth largest island.

We hope you enjoy our thought process and something in these designs capture your attention. We suggest printing out the logos and taping them up on a wall you usually walk past on a daily basis. Your eye will eventually keep coming back to the one logo you resonate with, that’s when you’ll know which version is for you.

Mahalo for your time

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