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Color Exploration 2:

Black and white included

Color Exploration:

Aloha! We have a few color explorations for you to review! Let me know what you think!


Aloha! we have a few new revisions based on the notes given along with a brand new idea in #2. Let me know what you think!

Revision 3:

Revision 2:

new flower explorations

Revision 1:

Aloha! we have edits based on your notes for review! Let me know what you think

Aloha! thank you for patience as we explored various approaches for your logo ideas. We did a lot of research into the Olaa flower, location and significance as well as taking in your personal stories into account. We usually don’t present so many variations but we couldn’t narrow them down any further! This was a unique challenge and we had some fun trying different layouts and concepts:

We wanted to give the logos a sense of cultural significance by tapping into typefaces that represented vintage Hawaiian Newspapers. We took a lot of inspiration from the old newspaper headlines which we felt was a nice tie in with the spreading of knowledge your company will be doing in your business. The serif fonts for “CONSULTING” give off the official professional aspect of the logo.

The flower explorations were based on the following:

  • woodblock print which pays homage to classic Hawaiian prints
  • More abstract quilt like style of design for the flowers that represent the traditional quilts our family members pass down as heirlooms
  • A more detailed fine beautiful illustration that showcases the beauty and intricacies of the flower itself
  • A lei representation which we didnt want to overcomplicate for sizing issues
  • 3 Olaa flowers that represent the three members of your family!
  • A single flower in an abstract version more simplified to its essence

We hope you like the direction! There is a lot in here so please take some time to review and see if any resonate with you! Mahalo!

Aloha! Welcome to your project webpage. We will keep track of the entire project here, revisions, etc

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