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Aloha! In this version, we softened up the Free Shipping text by making it lower case instead of all caps. We also went with the lighter blue on the horizontal banner to also take the focal point away from the logo. We increased the logo size on all banners as well to make the logo be the hero.  Let me know what you think!



Aloha John, Below is my concept for your web banners.  I wanted to stick to your branding guidelines of course and also showcase some of the clothing within the small area we have to work with. The picture in the 728×90 banner which is called a leader banner (long horizontal) is one I took during my visit.  The other photo is the one you sent me. I switched the tag line from Luxury Collection to Limited-Run Collections, speaking with you during our meeting this phrase seemed a lot more appropriate and inviting. I hope you like the new direction.


Products to increase revenue:

With the foot traffic the store is getting, we believe having smaller “impulse” items available for purchase increases revenue and interest especially among tourists. These items help to get the brand awareness spread. We may not all be able to afford a Pili Shirt right now but we can still purchase our own little piece of Pili lifestyle with these lower price point items.  Many luxury brands benefit from this marketing model.   Below are just a couple ideas to get the brainstorming process going.


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