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Jeep Off Road




Aloha Dan! Here is the first of the new projects. Silverado truck with the two flag versions.  Hope you dig!


4×4 Tshirt

Aloha!we are excited to present to you the 4×4 tshirt based on your images. Hope you enjoy!



Logo Presentation V2

New version that is based on the Hawaiian Coat of Arms, the first (6) uses the crown in its original size, while version 7 is resized down to better fit with the flow of the logo.

Logo Presentation V1

Logo Briefs:

1-2:  Our first concept is based on a vintage 1800 King Kalakaua belt buckle that we discovered during our research.  We loved the regal iconic look that represents the kingdom and tried to emulate that feel with this logo.

Logo 3:  This logo is a special one that is inspired by the original Kingdom coins that were used in Hawaii before the overthrow. We love this logo because it stands alone and is very bold and can be adaptable to various uses.


Logo 4: This concept is based on the original Kingdom Mail seal, we thought this inspiration was pretty significant as it declared to the world that Hawaii was a Kingdom. One note on this logo; We havn’t fully finished the crown illustration, I wanted to get your idea first before we finalize the illustration.

Logo 5: This logo is a visual representation of the palace. We wanted to make the logo in the form of the palace in a abstract way.  The archway in the middle of the K, also the form of the columns in the letters.



Welcome to our personal project web page. Please bookmark and save this site as we will be referencing it throughout the life of the logo branding project.  We will post revisions and samples here.  Mahalo!


Mood Board:

This is a board we’ve compiled of imagery, colors and textures we find interesting and inspire us.  We use mood boards as a form of visual brain storming for any project we start.


The next step is doing a bit of competitor research and also market research to see whats out there and what other companies are doing to avoid overlaps.



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