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We have 3 very sophisticated colorways with 2 variations for you to review. The first 3 use a colorway on both the bird and the real estate group text. We wanted to keep the “black white” vibe we discussed with upscaling the black color into something more unique and elevated. We used a real dark plum. a dark slate grey with a slight tint of aqua blue, and a really dark moss green. Colors that are almost black but with a slight sense of luxury because black is too basic.. the bottom 3 are a two color version with keeping the dark color as the primary with a hint of a pop. Very unique and sophisticated color pallets




Second round







Aloha, thank you for your patience as we curated a set of logos that all individually tell their own unique stories. We hope you enjoy our thought process behind every concept.

Our final concept takes a lighter approach to the brand. This idea lends itself more towards branding and merchandizing, it offers a really iconic and marketable graphic with the Wave illustration turning into the R. This logo is a representation of Pacifica and it’s surf culture which we feel might be a great selling point for your social media and overall branding personality. The serif RODRIGUEZ above brings it back to the professional aspect of the brand with the beautiful modern san serif text in REAL ESTATE GROUP to balance the entire logo. This concept screams, youthful, fun, energetic and cutting edge brand that is set to take over the real estate market

Concept 2

The story with this logo is centered around the abstract bird wings flying into the horizon. As you both are taking flight unto a new venture rest assured that birds will only fly towards land every time. Ancient mariners used birds to track where land masses were by observing them; which we felt was a beautiful narrative that tied into real estate; we are in search of our new nest, our “Home”. The larger of the wings symbolizes the father figure, while the smaller wing represents the son. Both are in sync to take flight onto new and daring horizons. The concept is an homage to the Pacifica coastal culture. The serif font used for RODRIGUEZ evokes a sense of authenticity while the real estate group in lowercase balances the boldness of the imagery beautifully


Our first Logo Concept is based upon the SUN which is also a metaphor for SON. The theme behind this logo is derived from the father and son story your brand is based around. We wanted to design a logo that is simple, elegant, modern yet has a story behind it. The Capital R inside the Sun shape also serves as the dot above the I which translates into the last name being greater then the I as in self… The last name (family) is greater then i.. our children are what will carry on the name. The O in the Rodriguez reinforces the sun shape which is also the perfect shape, life is a full circle.

Our mood boards are based on beautiful classic architectural shapes and forms, we want to evoke a sense of movement, structure and fluidity with our design. We envision a brand that showcases all that is beautiful about a dwelling, the sleek lines.. the beautiful curves of a granite counter top.. the exquisite shapes in one’s home. What makes a building a home? When we think of our house, what are the emotions we feel, what are the memories we create inside these wooden walls. We want to tap into the soul and essence that is a home.. its much more then just a building.. our home is something special, its a place of gathering, a place of sharing special moments that last a lifetime.

Welcome to your project web page. Save this site as we will use it moving forward with your logo project. We will upload revisions, concepts, mood boards and inspiration so you can keep track of all the progress. We are excited to bring your vision to life!

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