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a few new ideas that were inspired by a more art deco style which echos your original logo, which we took inspiration from in the first place. Very classy, clean and high end looking. No soccer academy will have anything like this thats for sure.

Aloha! We have a few different variations to consider. We wanted to stay true to the core brand while adding some new flavor to the academy logo. Our idea was to create a badge that was an abstract soccer ball on the outside of the shape (1-4) in all of these ideas the wing graphic is meant to be cradling the soccer ball representing nurturing of the new generation of players that are coming your way. We wanted to keep the ball off center to show movement and forward motion.

5-6 is a different twist on the circle shape that has two soccer ball cut outs on the sides, this crest was meant to invoke a sense of timelessness and regal-ness as the premier soccer academy in california

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