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The current VERTICAL version
(this one is version is going to be embedded into the Constant Contact)
– Current version is fine
 – ADD under the “By invitation only”
RSVPs will be confirmed on a space-available basis.

RSVP by January 20, 2023 

  1. Horizontal Version
    (this version is being dropped into Event Bright, which will have all the information listed in the description area, so just needs a basic details)
    REMOVE all the text under You’re Invited and just list: RSVP by January 20, 2023
    REMOVE the details in the teal bar at the bottom.  Maybe just replace with the url.


updated kitchen door logos

updated imagery


 version that replaces the “Save the Date” to read “You’re Invited!” which will be the actual invitation that gets sent out a month after the Save the Date.

  • Simplified JOB FAIR graphic for newsletter


Poster/Social Media edits


Wai Kai Newsletter header concepts:

11:00pm-4:00pm edit

Opening FEB 10th text edit


IG post mockup
LINEUP social media job fair post

website url edit to all materials:

Social Media Post
new background, white logo no box


The Lineup Job Fair Instagram Post:

Wai Kai Grand Opening Posters: two styles

Logo Spacing, footnote edits

  • change the Wai Kai Wave logo to the one that omits the “citywave” 
  • CHANGE the Wai Kai Lagoon to Termina Bold font
  • We have asked Kitchen Door to provide us their logo, as the current ones stands out so boldly – hoping to have this shortly, but in the interim, maybe we can decrease the size of the current logo, so it’s not so impactful
  • CHANGE the time to read: “3:00-7:00 PM”
  • REMOVE the copy at the bottom that reads “Attire….” REPLACE with copy that reads:
    By invite only.
no sub logos
sub logos added
PDF with no sub logos
PDF with Sub Logos

Aloha! Welcome to our project website. On this page we will upload all drafts, concepts and mockups as we go through design items.

Our first project is the Pre-Opening invitation design. We created two variations for a PDF attachment/Flyer and a newsletter type of event announcement for email. We are missing a few of the location logos but we can leave as is or insert the appropriate logos if they are available. We wanted to keep the styling in line with the brand and present a nice clean and exciting easy to read invitation. Let me know what you think and what revisions we might have.


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