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Wai‘anae Economic Development Council

The WEDC is the premier community economic development agency that’s dedicated to building up the Wai‘anae coast community and increasing opportunities for small local businesses. By illustrating the Wai‘anae mountain range in this logo, we display the cultural and natural feel of the community with a large “W” in the valley, which represents WEDC as a solid component in it’s growth.

Design Process

The color palette for WEDC is inspired by the beautiful sunsets along Makaha beach with the various hues of purple, pink and blue shining off the water and reflecting on the valley. This colorway evokes the thought of the anticipation of a new day and what will come tomorrow.

We are extremely grateful to have worked with WEDC on this project and for putting their trust in us for their complete rebrand! Lots of love from our team went into this one of a kind logo.

Follow them on instagram @thewedc.hi to see what they’re up to!

Final Logo & Alternative Marks

Main Logo

Alternative Mark #1

Alternative Mark #2

Alternative Mark #3

Alternative Mark #4

Proposed Options

Branding Examples

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