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new iteration, slimmed down the thickness of the YX to match the new width of the C, we followed the same shape of the Oleleo “O” by turning it into a C

we also tightened up the spacing between the letters in YOUTH XCHANGE

two new ideas with the olelo purple and COMMUNITY MEDIA typeface. One idea is using the speech bubble as a negative space in the C and no play button between youth and xchange to keep it clean, the other is the original

#3 revised the shape of the C to match the shape of the c in change

Round 2 Concept based on notes:

We went back and forth on a lot of tweaks and explorations to finally decide that less is more sometimes. I felt as a whole we were forcing the idea of the camera too much and it looked so much better just very clean, subtle and elegant. A lot of times we try to put too many ideas into one graphic that it ends up being very cliche. We stripped back all the non essential elements and realized that the logo by itself is so much stronger. We did bring the small triangle play button between the YOUTH and XCHANGE words since the spacing between those two words is so awkward. The negative space betwen the H and X is very empty so the play button serves as an anchor for your eye to move towards the next word without the uncomfortable pause. The button also serves to emphasize the exchange portion of the competition, youth are what move the culture forward, adding a subtle double entendre into the graphic. The way forward is evolution. Every element is perfectly and intentionally spaced as you can see by the spacing graphic below

Round 1 Concepts:


Version A: This is our first concept we’d like to present. This striking, bold and visually stunning logo is inspired by the original OLELO logo with a new twist. We wanted to pay homage to the YX logo from previous years with the Y/X interaction yet modernize it. We love how the X is created by using negative space and the YX balance each other perfectly. The C is a double entendre (one twist is a symbol for the movie camera play button and the second is an abstract resemblance of a vintage tv screen.)


Concept B, is an interesting new take on the YXC letterform. We were thinking of a more conceptual out of the box approach, during our research and brainstorm sessions. The idea that kept coming up in our talks was the new wave, this is a competition essentially of the new talents that are emerging in the industry. The new wave of talent hitting the scene, we also believed the idea of wave was fitting for our geography being in Hawaii… double entendre again. The flow of the yxc interacts beautifully as it flows from left to right.


Concept C is our most daring approach. We combined both visuals and created a new idea. We took the concept of the play button, incorporated with the wave but in this case we filled in the form and now it represents something new; a sound wave which ties in with audio video topics in film. Youth Xchange is the prominent factor in this logo.

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